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Art and Lectio Divina

Go see the delightful collage lucy made inspired by reading from my book!  You can order your own copy here.  For those of you looking for a creative twist on an ancient practice, there is an entire chapter on using lectio to pray contemplatively with art, music, life experience and more as well as using art-making to respond to your lectio divina experience. Come back tomorrow for a very special 25th Poetry Party! PS — if you are thinking of joining us for the Contemplative Art & Movement Retreat let me know– there is only one spot left!  Register here.

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Fall Equinox Friday Five

The RevGalBlogPals have a Friday Five that I don’t usually play, but this one is about one of my favorite topics and I am procrastinating on getting real work done! Five favorite things about fall: 1) A fragrance: The smell of my rosemary orange chicken roasting in the oven.  So simple, so incredibly satisfying. 2) A color: The vibrant red hue of a Japanese maple in autumn, watching the amber glow of the fire in the fireplace. 3) An item of clothing: My old, cozy black fleece hooded jacket.  Great over my pajamas when I am working from home. I also love

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Article on Contemplation (bonus post)

My article on “The Practice of Contemplation as Witness and Resistance” has been published in the October 2007 issue of The Way (a journal of contemporary spirituality published by the British Jesuits).  They have been behind in their production because of the editor’s illness, but the issue is now available.  Click on the link above to read the article. I also just ran across one of my absolute favorites of the Peanuts comics — it was very tempting to follow Charlie Brown’s lead during those long years in graduate school and it still holds lots of appeal!  I think Tune would embrace this

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Abbey Bookshelf: A Dog’s Life

I have loved animals since infancy.  Whereas most children’s first words are “mama” or “dada” I’ve been told many times, mine was clearly “doggie.”  My father used to tell me again and again of the time we went to the zoo when I first learned to talk and pointed at the elephant and squealed “doggie!’  My first toy was a Snoopy doll that I dragged with me everywhere for years until its fur had worn off and its head had to be sewn back on.  At about age five I was convinced I would one day marry Snoopy. Growing up

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Happy Second Bloggiversary to Me!

All the arts we practice are apprenticeship. The big art is our life. -M.C. Richards Last Friday was my two-year Bloggiversary!  Hard to believe I have been showing up in this space for that long.  It makes me smile to look at my Poetry category in the sidebar and see the number of entries at over 100. When I first began, my blog was called the Sacred Art of Living, a name I still love, but I found there was occasional confusion with this fine place of the same name.  So when I launched my brand new website I transferred

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Engaged Spirituality

Today’s reflection post is a hodge-podge of resources.  I am behind on a number of things as I try to finish up the winter quarter and get ready for a two-week pilgrimage back east at the end of March to visit family and friends.  More about that next week.  Beth at the Virtual Tea House is hosting a wonderful blog carnival about engaged spirituality.  Click over to read a wide variety of thoughtful posts submitted.  I shared a post I wrote a year and a half ago titled Widening Circles, it is still one of my favorites, click on the link to go revisit

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6 Words

H.M. offered this 6 Word Memoir Meme to his readers: try to write your whole life story in just six words.  I am doing a slight variation, in that trying to encompass the whole of my life so succinctly feels overwhelming.  But while at this conference I am attending, someone asked me what is the fundamental message I try to convey in my retreat work.  I offered a longer version of the words below, and realized this is my own primary practice: making space for newness emerging within I’d love to hear your own six word memoir which you can leave

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