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Art and Lectio Divina

Go see the delightful collage lucy made inspired by reading from my book!  You can order your own copy here.  For those of you looking for a creative twist on an ancient practice, there is an entire chapter on using lectio to pray contemplatively with art, music, life experience and more as well as using art-making to respond to your lectio divina experience.

Come back tomorrow for a very special 25th Poetry Party!

PS — if you are thinking of joining us for the Contemplative Art & Movement Retreat let me know– there is only one spot left!  Register here.

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  1. Do go see the collage. Thanks Lucy for fessing up about your eight pages. I haven’t had a chance to start yet. Nonending visits and social life. Help, I need Lectio Devina!!!!!!

  2. thanks, christine…i wondered why my statcounter skyrocketed on “lucy creates” today :-) this was my inspiration and i am only 8 pages into the book!!!!

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