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Songs for Transformative Living through Contemplative and Expressive Arts


Holy Disorder of Dancing Monks Medallion

with art by Marcy Hall

St Hildegard of Bingen and St Benedict of Nursia are two of the patron saints of Abbey of the Arts and our Holy Disorder of Dancing Monks. The two-inch, plated metal medallion features Benedict on one side and Hildegard on the other, each engaged in joyful movement. Their designs are drawn from icons created by Marcy Hall at Rabbit Room arts.

Orders will start shipping November 15, 2021.

Dancing Monk Icon Cards

with art by Marcy Hall

Each set of the Dancing Monk Icon Cards features 32 full-color depictions of beloved saints and mystics through the ages by artist Marcy Hall of Rabbit Room Arts. From Hildegard of Bingen and Francis of Assisi to Celtic saints like Brigid of Kildare and Patrick of Armagh, as well as more modern figures such as Howard Thurman and Rainer Maria Rilke, the images are delightful windows into the spark of creative joy elicited by each holy man or woman. The set includes a booklet with a brief reflection on each person and one or two questions for personal reflection. Comes in a custom box to store away. Perfect for keeping in your prayer corner, bringing on retreat, or giving as a gift. The cards are 3.5 x 5.75 inches in size.

To see all of the monks and mystics included in the set please visit this link.

Monk in the World

Songs for Contemplative Living

The Monk Manifesto is a set of 8 principles for contemplative, creative, and compassionate living. It is the Rule of Life for the Holy Disorder of Dancing Monks community at Abbey of the Arts. We embrace the practices of Silence and Solitude, Hospitality, Community, Kinship with Creation, Work, Sabbath, Conversion, and Creative Joy. In our last album (Earth, Our Original Monastery) we explored Kinship with Creation. This album is an opportunity to celebrate the other 7 practices through the joy of song while cultivating our capacity for becoming monks in the world.

Sound and Stillness

An Audio Collection of Poems from Christine Valters Paintner

14 tracks of poems being read by Christine Valters Paintner from her two collections – Dreaming of Stones and The Wisdom of Wild Grace – with accompanying music by Jake Morgan, Simon de Voil, and Giants and Pilgrims. Also includes two songs composed by Margo Hennebach inspired by two of Christine’s poems.

Available only as digital download. 

Earth, Our Original Monastery

Singing Our Way to the Sacred

A CD with 14 songs inspired by Christine Valters Paintner’s book – Earth, Our Original Monastery: Cultivating Wonder and Gratitude through Intimacy with Nature (Ave Maria Press). Musicians include Richard & Trish Bruxvoort Colligan, Peter Mayer, Simon De Voil, Betsey Beckman, and Lorraine Bayes.

Earth, Our Original Monastery

Dancing Our Way to the Divine

This DVD was commissioned by Abbey of the Arts to accompany Christine Valters Paintner’s recent book – Earth, Our Original Monastery   13 prayer dances for every-body…and one poem video!
with choreography and instruction by Betsey Beckman.

With simple meditative movements, Dance Along to celebrate Earth as our original Cathedral, Scriptures, Saints, Spiritual Director, Icon, Sacrament, and Liturgy. Move with the gifts of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Pray with Saint Gobnait, Saint Francis, and walk with beauty in honor of the Diné Navajo tradition.

The Soul's Slow Ripening

Songs for Celtic Seekers

A CD with 12 wonderful songs inspired by Irish monks and the journey of Celtic pilgrimage. This album was created in conjunction with Christine Valters Paintner’s newest book to be released in September 2018 – The Soul’s Slow Ripening: Twelve Celtic Practices for Seekers of the Sacred (Ave Maria Press). Musicians include Sherri Hansen, Richard Bruxvoort Colligan, Deirdre Ni Chinneide, Simon De Voil, Sara Thomsen, Margaret McClarty, and Margo Hennebach.

The Soul's Slow Ripening

Dancing the Sacred on a Celtic Path

This DVD was commissioned by Abbey of the Arts to accompany Christine Valters Paintner’s recent book – The Soul’s Slow Ripening: Twelve Celtic Practices for Seeking the Sacred.   Filmed in soulful, wild and thin places in Scotland, Ireland and the Pacific Northwest.  Dance along  with the Celtic Saints: Brendan, Brigid, Ciaran, Colman, Columcille, Dearbhla, Enda, Gobnait, Ita, Kevin, Patrick, and Sourney.  12 Celtic-inspired dances for Every-body!

Singing with Monks and Mystics

A CD with 13 fabulous songs to accompany each of the twelve dancing monk icons plus a bonus second song for St. Benedict by composers Laura and David Ash, Betsey Beckman, Carmel Boyle, and Richard Bruxvoort Colligan.

Dancing with Monks and Mystics

12 Prayerful and Playful Dances for Every-body!

Twelve prayerful and playful participatory dances for every-body! With choreography and instruction by Betsey Beckman and music commissioned by Abbey of the Arts.  Enter into dances inspired by 12 monks and mystic through the ages including the Prophet Miriam, King David, Mary Mother of God, Amma Syncletica, Brigid of Kildare, Benedict of Nursia, Brendan the Navigator, Hildegard of Bingen, Francis of Assisi, Rainer Maria Rilke, Dorothy Day, and Thomas Merton. Filmed in locations that evoke and celebrate the gift of each monk and mystic!