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Blessings on your weekend . . .

I made it onto this list of 100 Blogs That Will Inspire You to Be a Better Person under the “Being Happy” category.  There are some interesting links there, so check it out.

Tomorrow night (Saturday, November 8th) Kathleen Norris will be speaking at the Seattle Art Museum on the theme of “Remembering, Waiting, Hoping: Reclaiming the Countercultural Pursuits of Christmas.”  I’ve never heard her speak in person, so I am excited for the chance, maybe I will see some of you there?

I admit it’s a bit early to start thinking about Christmas, but I also admit that this week I bought tickets for my two favorite holiday season concerts (because Christmas is all about the music) and tonight I have a hankering already to watch my favorite holiday movie ever (because the season is also about the love).  Okay, enough Christmas talk, I promise.  I adore Advent even more so I look forward to moving into that season of preparation very soon.

And if you have a spare minute and want to show some appreciation for this blog, go on over and vote (you do have to register first) at Blogger’s Choice.  I really like being on the front page of the “Best Religion Blogs” and with a couple more votes I will push past the Atheists. :-)

My site was nominated for Best Religion Blog!

My site was nominated for Best Photography Blog!

** Come back Monday for our next Poetry Party! **

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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6 Responses

  1. Can I hop on over for the concerts? Ours seem dull in comparison. I love our men’s chorus but they don’t have a Christmas concert. I would love to see the Celtic one!

    One of the most fun concerts I have seen was the Christmas Revels in Boston.

    That is a wonderful movie! Great description of your emotional reaction, Christine. Exactly!

    I have picked up Kathleen Norris book on “Acedia” but so far, it has just sat at my bedside table. She is my claim to fame…both of us being from South Dakota…haha!!!

  2. Thanks lucy for the lovely words and the vote! love you too. :-) We’ll have to watch the movie together sometime, have you seen it before?

    Sue, hop on over! Love to have you here! :-)

    Thanks Tess! Oh my goodness, I absolutely adore that movie, we own it and watch it at least 3 times during the holidays and every single time I bawl my eyes out for most of the film (when I’m not laughing). And that is my absolute favorite scene too, followed by Hugh Grant dancing in his underwear and telling off the US President.

  3. Well done Christine, in fact that 100 blogs list looks really interesting. A few of my (other) faves already there. I agree with Lucy, you deserve the accolades.

    I’m also so pleased to see you’re a Love Actually fan – it’s one 0f my guilty Christmas pleasures! What’s your favourite bit? I think mine is probably – ah, I just realised I shouldn’t spoil the plot for anyone who hasn’t read it, but if I say the scene towards the end with the crowd marching towards the Portuguese restaurant and then what happens inside… gets me every time!

  4. you know i really love you and just registered and voted for your blogger’s choice awards. i now, too, must add “love actually” to my netflix list…that is if i don’t go rent it tonight :-)

    you deserve all of the wonderful accolades for this inspiring blog!!! xoxooxoxo