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Category: Visual Meditation


Visual Meditation: Exploring the Shadows of Lent

When we stand in the light, we cast a shadow. Light and shade are to each other as breathing in is to breathing out. Some aspects of ourselves are in the light, visible to us and others. Other aspects, positive and negative, are in the shadow, unseen by us, even when seen by others. These are parts of ourselves that have been neglected, disowned, forgotten, judged, unrecognized or undeveloped. Some of the ways we can glimpse what is in the psychological shade include noting what we idealize or denigrate in others; recognizing our uneasiness about others’ perceptions about us (good

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Visual Meditation

Photos taken while in Sooke, BC, top photo is of course the lovely Abbess Petunia doing what she does best. (and yes, the Golden is for you lucy)

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Visual Meditation: Crystalline Darkness, Glittering Stillness

Winter Solstice (Two Poems by Rebecca Parker) Perhaps for a moment… the wheels stop rolling, the computers desist from computing, and a hush will fall over the city. For an instant, in the stillness, the chiming of celestial spheres will be heard as earth hangs poised in the crystalline darkness, and then tilts. Let there be a season when holiness is heard, and the splendor of living is revealed. Stunned to stillness by beauty we remember who we are and why we are here. There are inexplicable mysteries. We are not alone. In the universe there moves a Wild One

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Visual Meditation: Autumn in Seattle

*** Again the wind Flakes gold-leaf from the trees And the painting darkens—as if a thousand penitents Kissed an icon Till it thinned Back to bare wood, Without diminishment. -Jane Hirshfield *** -Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts (all photos except for the last one taken at the Seattle Arboretum, end photo taken at Lakeview Cemetery in Seattle) ** Come back Monday, October 27th for our next Poetry Party ** ** Wednesday, October 29th will be our next Sacred Artist Interview with Leah Piken Kolidas **

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