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Category: Visual Meditation


Visual Meditation: Savoring Stillness

When I was in Vienna over Christmas my husband and I took a magical walk on the Winter Solstice through the snow-covered gardens of Schonbrunn Palace.  The peace of that foggy day still sings in my heart.  Celebrate the gifts of winter with me.  Breathe deeply and feel the invitation to savor stillness.  Those of you who read here regularly know that winter calls to me and I am called to share her gifts. Early Registration Extended Register for the Lenten Online Retreat with the Desert Mothers and Fathers and receive a free gift (a mini-retreat on Stirring in the Belly). 

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Visual Meditation: Christmas Blessings from Vienna

Christmas blessings to all friends of the Abbey – may you discover the holy being birthed within your own heart, may your life enflesh the sacred presence for others. Stop by “Give me a Word” and share the word shimmering for you for 2011 and read the moving reflections others have posted in response to their own words.  If you need support in letting the word choose you stop by this post for suggestions. More winter images can be found here. . .  

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Visual Meditation: Winter Solstice (in Vienna)

Today in the Northern hemisphere we celebrate the Winter Solstice, that day of the great turning toward the light.  Winter is my favorite season with her achingly beautiful spareness.  I offer you some images from my time away below.  Blessings on your own journey through holy darkness toward illumination. More photos to come later in the week including a reflection about how to listen for the Word which might be calling to you for the coming year.  Make sure to stop by “Give me a Word” and share yours for a chance to win an online class and to read

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Visual Meditation: I am Part of a Great Migration

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Visual Meditation: World Congress of Benedictine Oblates

A visual meditation with images from my travels during the World Congress of Benedictine Oblates in October 2009. The photos were taken in the Vatican City, Rome, Subiaco (Benedict’s Cave), Monte Cassino (Benedictine monastery), and Sant’Anselmo (Primatial Abbey). The music is by Hildegard of Bingen. © Christine Valters Paintner at Abbey of the Arts: Transformative Living through Contemplative & Expressive Arts

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Visual Meditation: Gathering Flock

Creation tells me a story – this is what beauty is for – it whispers, to soothe your wearied spirit, to enliven you, to invite you into dancing once again, to imagine gathering with a whole flock of kindred spirits who journey alongside you in grief and delight, who don’t ask you to be anywhere other than where your pulsing heart carries you right now. Sabbath begins for me this evening, a time when I can surrender into the restoration this time offers, a time to simply be and delight in my flock. Shabbat Shalom to all of the kindred

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Visual Meditation: A Place of the Heart

I grew up in New York City where my father worked for the United Nations.  He was half Latvian (father’s side) and half Austrian (mother’s side) and at age 12, during World War II, he had to flee Riga where he was raised to go to Vienna and live with his grandparents.  For my entire time growing up he would identify as Austrian (never talking about his Latvian roots) and we traveled regularly to Vienna in the summers where until I was 8 we had an apartment.  The last time I visited was when I was 19 until two summers

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