Visual Meditation: Gathering Flock

Creation tells me a story – this is what beauty is for it whispers, to soothe your wearied spirit, to enliven you, to invite you into dancing once again, to imagine gathering with a whole flock of kindred spirits who journey alongside you in grief and delight, who don’t ask you to be anywhere other than where your pulsing heart carries you right now.

Sabbath begins for me this evening, a time when I can surrender into the restoration this time offers, a time to simply be and delight in my flock.

Shabbat Shalom to all of the kindred souls who gather here virtually to find refreshment.  May the spirit of restoration knit itself deep into your bones until you find yourself dancing again.  May your wings carry you to the place where your heart sings.

May the peace of Sabbath be yours and flow out into the world like the power of a hundred beating wings.

* * *

Oct 23 2009 0230001

Oct 23 2009 0219001

Oct 23 2009 0160001

Oct 23 2009 0265001

Oct 23 2009 0282001

I took these photos last October while on pilgrimage in Ireland.

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