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Category: Poetry


The Wisdom of Wild Grace: A Love Note from Your Online Abbess

The Wisdom of Wild Grace from Christine Valters Paintner on Vimeo. Dearest monks and artists, In these dark and difficult days the one thing that continues to offer me solace and strength is time spent in nature, in growing intimacy with Earth and her wisdom. We try to make time during our weekly Sabbath for a walk in the forest and I am blessed to be able to stroll daily by the sea. Inevitably I return feeling more grounded and centered, more certain how important this Earth-cherishing work is. It has been the dominant theme in my writing this past

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Praise Song for the Pandemic – German Translation

Our dear friend Katharina Resch has translated the “Praise Song for the Pandemic” into German. Dankeslied für die Pandemie by Christine Valters Paintner Dank sei allen, die an Krankenbetten um leidende Körper kämpfen, um gerettete und verlorene Leben, immer im Dienst, was auch auf sie wartet  Dank sei allen, die Felder bestellen, auf den Äckern eine neue Ernte säen – welch Zeichen der Hoffnung in dieser Zeit Dank sein allen, die unsere Häuser reinigen und betreuen, die unseren Müll entsorgen, die Lebensmittel verkaufen, die mit ihren Lastwägen durch lange einsame Nächte fahren  Dank sei allen, die Busse lenken, die Pakete

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3 New Poems by Christine

Christine has three poems in the newest edition of Impspired Magazine online! Click the link for “St Clare and the Cat,” “St Francis and the Wolf,” and “My Last Poem.” The first two are from her series of saint and animals poems.  Click here to read the poems at Inspired Magazine.

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Praise Song for the Pandemic now in French

? Praise Song for the Pandemic from Christine Valters Paintner on Vimeo. The combined views of our YouTube and Vimeo versions of the Praise Song for the Pandemic video have reached over 150,000 and over a million on Facebook! We are grateful to know many are using this in their online worship services. Diane Ellison wrote to us to ask permission to translate the poem into French which we share gratefully below. Chant de louange durant la pandémie Loués soient les infirmières, les médecins et tout le personnel médical qui prennent soin des humains et qui, par leur présence, réussissent

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More from Christine Around the Web This Week

Christine was featured on the Ave Explores podcast this week to talk about “The Soul of the Artist” Christine has a new poem titled “Spring Ephemerals” in Bearings journal online which celebrates spring’s arrival and our intimacy with the more-than-human world. You can read it here>> St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Arlington, VA is having an online art exhibition in response to the pandemic – here is a collection of poems shared including mine on p. 27 “Always” under the theme of Solace. This poem comes from her second poetry collection The Wisdom of Wild Grace, being published by Paraclete

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Christine’s Recent Poetry + Art

Christine has had several poems published recently in various journals online: Book of Kells in ARTS: Journal for the Arts in Religious and Theological Studies Handless Maiden in North West Words (inspired by one of Christine’s favorite fairy tales of the same name) Little Red Riding Hood in Bangor Literary Journal Christine has a second collection of poems that will be published in fall 2020 by Paraclete Press titled The Wisdom of Wild Grace with a series of poems inspired by the many wonderful stories of kinship between saints and animals. She’s been working with UK artist David Hollington to

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A Celebration of Poetry ~ A Love Note from Your Online Abbess

Dearest monks, artists, and pilgrims, I hope you have enjoyed the series of poetry videos we have produced in collaboration with Morgan Creative. One of our great joys here at the Abbey is bringing artists together whether through these videos, the albums we are creating, or the icon series we commissioned. When time and resources allow we hope to continue these video offerings. For now, I thought I’d share links to all eight of the poems in case you have missed any of them over the last few months: How to Be a Pilgrim Requiem for Myself Take My Hand

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