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Category: Eyes of the Heart: Photography as a Christian Contemplative Practice


Virtual Book Tour: Spring Roundup!

Eyes of the Heart: Photography as a Christian Contemplative Practice was published in April by Ave Maria Press, and I have been so grateful for the wonderful reception! I embarked on an almost two-month long Virtual Book Tour (ah, the wonders of the internet!) and am so grateful to everyone who participated, wrote reviews, hosted guest posts, and conducted interviews.  I am really in awe at the generous response. I have compiled the whole tour below broken down by category so it is easier now to find what you might be looking for.  Several guest posts from me on the

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Virtual Book Tour: Review at Image Journal

Image is a journal of religion and the arts.  I love the work they do, as it is in such alignment with my own passion for the monk and artist paths.  I have attended their Glen Workshop with classes in writing and the arts in the past and found it to be really inspiring and enlivening. So I am thrilled they have chose to review Eyes of the Heart: Photography as a Christian Contemplative Practice in their latest newsletter: Eyes of the Heart by Christine Valters Paintner is a little like Madeleine L’Engle’s classic Walking on Water, if L’Engle’s book had

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Virtual Book Tour: Guided Meditation and new Review at Patheos Book Club

The Patheos Book Club continues to feature Eyes of the Heart: Photography as a Christian Contemplative Practice.   New today is a visual guided meditation featured on the main page of the book club.  Click here and scroll down to where it says Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart: A Guided Meditation with Images by Christine Valters Paintner and you can scroll through a series of my photos, with quotes from the book, as well as suggestions for reflection and pondering. There is also a brand new and wonderful review by Craig Detweiler of Doc Hollywood, who is a professor

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Virtual Book Tour: Review at Find Hope

Next stop on the Virtual Book Tour is Mary Benton’s great review at Find Hope where she describes becoming intoxicated by life: I went out after work tonight and got drunk. In the woods. With my camera. There was no food or drink involved – for it was not my body but my spirit that became intoxicated. Allow me to explain. I first “met” Christine Valters Paintner online a couple of years ago quite by accident – or so I tell myself. I was on the internet one evening, googling something or other. I no longer recall what I was searching

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Virtual Book Tour: Review at Profoundly Superficial by Annie Wright

Today’s stop on the Virtual Book Tour is a lovely review by Annie Wright at Profoundly Superficial: Picture this. It is full moon and everything is bathed in a silver light. Lying on your back, you gaze upwards while, in a single long exposure, your camera patiently records the stars as they trace their arc across the night sky. You don’t have to do a thing. You can simply close your eyes and find yourself floating between heaven and earth. This is slow photography, something I have little experience of, because professionally I must work with quick decisions and instant

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Virtual Book Tour: Interview at Idealawg with Stephanie West Allen

Stop by Idealawg today where lawyer Stephanie West Allen interviewed me for my Virtual Book Tour: The book shows us why and how the way of seeing facilitated by photography can be valuable. I asked Christine a few questions that may be of interest to conflict professionals. The law can be a very stressful profession. In Todd Kashdan’s book Curious, he talks about the relationship between curiosity and anxiety: the more curious one is, the less anxiety he or she will be experiencing. In your book, you talk about the promotion of curiosity through photography. Will you say more about that, please.

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Virtual Book Tour: Review at Shot at Ten Paces by Kate Kennington Steer

Today’s stop on the Virtual Book Tour is a review by Kate Kennington Steer at her lovely photography blog Shot at Ten Paces: Whether you are experienced DLSR photographer or use your mobile phone camera when and if you remember, this book will open your eyes still further to the possibilities of visualising God’s Spirit moving amongst us. Contemplative photography as a form turns conventional wisdom about how to take a good photograph on its head. Instead of being about ‘pointing-and-shooting’ or a technical exercise in ‘taking’ this form is all about waiting and receiving. It is about the inner

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