Virtual Book Tour: Review at Shot at Ten Paces by Kate Kennington Steer

Today’s stop on the Virtual Book Tour is a review by Kate Kennington Steer at her lovely photography blog Shot at Ten Paces:

Eyes of the HeartWhether you are experienced DLSR photographer or use your mobile phone camera when and if you remember, this book will open your eyes still further to the possibilities of visualising God’s Spirit moving amongst us. Contemplative photography as a form turns conventional wisdom about how to take a good photograph on its head. Instead of being about ‘pointing-and-shooting’ or a technical exercise in ‘taking’ this form is all about waiting and receiving. It is about the inner attitude, the even more difficult task of seeing with your heart and waiting until you see an image clearly before you press the shutter. Valters Paintner links this with the ‘art of beholding’.

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