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Upcoming online retreats at the Abbey

We have lots of wonderful opportunities for you to retreat online in the coming months. There is always a vibrant community that gathers, live sessions with Christine Valters Paintner, and materials stay available to you long after the retreat, so you can linger as long as you need.

Birthing the Holy: Wisdom of Mary and the Sacred Feminine (Advent online retreat)

December 3, 2017-January 1, 2018

Early registration discount when you sign up before November 6th!

For Advent we have a beautiful retreat in the works for you exploring the wisdom of Mary and the sacred feminine. This retreat is open to both men and women who want to spend time with some of the names Mary has been given. These archetypes help to break open those qualities within us, and lead us closer to the holy birth.

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The Wisdom of the Body: An Online Companion Retreat to the Book

January 8-March 18, 2018

Imagine journeying through a season together in a caravan of souls committed to exploration, curiosity, tenderness, and delight. Imagine breathing deeply and feeling intimacy with an old and wise friend. Imagine, as Buddhist writer Reginald Ray says, to discover the last unexplored wilderness, which is the body. Each week breaks open a different theme to help us make the descent into our body’s experience and receive its wisdom.

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Dreaming of the Sea: A Women’s Discernment Journey through the Story of the Selkie

March 26-May 12, 2018

Stories invite us into transformation. We step inside their dream space. We are invited to release our thinking and striving minds, to surrender to a wisdom that is far deeper and more expansive. They call forth new archetypal energies within us that have been hidden and forgotten. Stories call us to re-member which means to make whole again. In the ancient Celtic stories Selkies are shapeshifters. They move between worlds. They are women who take the form of a seal when in the sea and human form on land.

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**Also coming: An online retreat for Lent on exploring the scriptures with John Valters Paintner, Richard Bruxvoort Colligan, and Melissa Layer (February 14-April 1, 2018). More details posted soon!

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