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Welcome Liz Rasmussen!

We are delighted to have Liz Rasmussen now offering some support at the Abbey blog in the coming months. She will be checking in with our weekly blog post invitations to lectio, photography, poetry, and dance and offering support and responses to those who post. Liz had a stroke last year and I am beyond grateful for her process of recovery (even though it might be slower than she would like). Here are some words from Liz:

Alizabeth RasmussenJust before the stroke, Christine asked me if I would work for her. At that time she was switching over from Ning to Ruzuku and she was looking for part-time help. But I was so honored at the possibly, I didn’t care what the project was. To help Christine and the Abbey flourish, that was enough for me.

Now I’m back, to help out anyway I can.

Eighteen months after a stroke is not a lot of time for recovery. In fact, I will be recovering for the rest of my life. I have accepted that (most days).

I’m excited. But…

I’m scared, too. What if it’s too much? What if I leave out some words? Or mix them up?

So then I remind myself, I feel safe in this community of artists, dreamers, dancers, poets, painters, nature-lovers, all of whom prayed for me during these challenging times (whether you knew it or not!).

So, you’ll see my name pop-up in reply to your posts, and as long as love rules, then what’s the difference if I’ve missed a word or two?

Begin again, literally…start that sentence, start that word, start that thought. Start slowly…just start.

Thanks, Christine.

Please join me in welcoming her!

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24 Responses

  1. Hi Liz,

    You and The Abbey of the Arts could not be a more perfect fit! Thrilled to hear you are intricately connected! I wish you the warmest and brightest gifts of grace in your newest venture. I know your radiant spirit will add so much to this process.

    “See you” this weekend in Portland!


  2. Liz, I am filled with delight at hearing this! What I know beyond a doubt is that your presence and words (in whatever form they come!) are gifts beyond measure. :)