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Welcome Liz Rasmussen!

We are delighted to have Liz Rasmussen now offering some support at the Abbey blog in the coming months. She will be checking in with our weekly blog post invitations to lectio, photography, poetry, and dance and offering support and responses to those who post. Liz had a stroke last year and I am beyond grateful for her process of recovery (even though it might be slower than she would like). Here are some words from Liz:

Alizabeth RasmussenJust before the stroke, Christine asked me if I would work for her. At that time she was switching over from Ning to Ruzuku and she was looking for part-time help. But I was so honored at the possibly, I didn’t care what the project was. To help Christine and the Abbey flourish, that was enough for me.

Now I’m back, to help out anyway I can.

Eighteen months after a stroke is not a lot of time for recovery. In fact, I will be recovering for the rest of my life. I have accepted that (most days).

I’m excited. But…

I’m scared, too. What if it’s too much? What if I leave out some words? Or mix them up?

So then I remind myself, I feel safe in this community of artists, dreamers, dancers, poets, painters, nature-lovers, all of whom prayed for me during these challenging times (whether you knew it or not!).

So, you’ll see my name pop-up in reply to your posts, and as long as love rules, then what’s the difference if I’ve missed a word or two?

Begin again, literally…start that sentence, start that word, start that thought. Start slowly…just start.

Thanks, Christine.

Please join me in welcoming her!

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24 Responses

  1. Thank you, Liz, for your courage in accepting a position from Christine to answer posts. My husband had a stroke at age 68 this past November. We are still adjusting to the new ‘us.’ There are so many things that have changed, but we are still the same people, and we still love each other. And we have known God’s blessings in many ways through the past month, and expect to experience that even more as Jon progresses and heals.
    Jon says he feels encouraged by what you have written here and by the comments on your post. Thank you all for that. We will be reading more as time permits. Blessings to all!

  2. Liz, what you wrote brought tears to my eyes. You thanked those of us who prayed for you whether we knew it or not. I care about others, but I don’t always remember to pray or I don’t even know to pray. But, somehow, living in Christ, my soul and God’s Spirit pray whatever is needed. It isn’t dependent on me. There’s no reason to try to be perfect. God doesn’t just fill in the blanks where I fall short. It is ALL God. What a relief. What a joy to be part of this.

    Thank you for your thoughts.


  3. Liz,
    You are very brave.
    By bringing your situation to the fore you are teaching perhaps more that you are learning.
    If in fact you need to re-learn to fly, you have found a wonderful nest to do so.
    Best wishes for your recovery and work.

  4. Liz this is really exciting news! I hear the tremulous quality in your voice as you think of the task ahead, and know that it will be the Spirit flowing through you to us who empowers and selects your words, even before you have formed a thought… What an encouragement you are. And I pray for the continued slow strengthening of your body, mind and spirit. All blessings.

  5. Blessings and welcome to you! We will enjoy all that you have to share with us and are honored to have you among us! No worries, no hurries–just bring yourself “in process” and be embraced by the warmth, acceptance and healing of this group.

  6. Welcome Liz. It will be a delight to see you regularly on the Abbey blog and I look forward to hearing all you have to share heart to heart.

  7. Welcome aboard, Liz! This wonderful news brought such a smile to my face this morning. Hey… you and I played with words together before you were stroked – why should it be any different now?! :-) I know how you can light up a room with your presence, and am affirming that your radiance will warm the Abbey virtual rooms as well. Congratulations on this next adventure!

  8. Blessings to you, Liz! I am excited to read your comments and I know your heart will shine through regardless of any possible slips of grammar…May love rule!

  9. Welcome Liz! I look forward to getting to know you via the dancing monks’ page and via your responses, musings, and inspirations…and all the very best to you in all! May health and resilience abound and surprise you repeatedly with their inimitable forays deeper into your life…Peter

  10. Where could your healing be more embraced than with the Holy Disorder of Dancing Monks? Seems like you are in the perfect place for all concerned :-) I have appreciated your post-stroke very much. I am 67 now and stroke something is more around me than before, something to be more sensitive about than I have been in the past. It is also a respected revelation about a certain individual who is You. :-) Thank you Liz.