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Invitation to Poetry: Harvesting the Inner Garden

Rhine grapes

Welcome to Poetry Party #79!

I select an image (the photo above is by Christine Valters Paintner) and suggest a theme/title and invite you to respond with your own poem. Scroll down and add it in the comments section below or join our Holy Disorder of Dancing Monks Facebook group and post there.

Feel free to take your poem in any direction and then post the image and invitation on your blog (if you have one), Facebook, or Twitter, and encourage others to come join the party!  (If you repost the photo, please make sure to include the credit link below it and link back to this post inviting others to join us).

We began this month with a  Community Lectio Divina practice with a parable from the Gospel of Mark and followed up with our Photo Party on the theme of the “harvesting the inner garden.” (You are most welcome to still participate).  We continue this theme in our Poetry Party this month. What are continuing to discover about your own inner harvesting?

You can post your poem either in the comment section below*or you can join our Holy Disorder of Dancing Monks Facebook group (with more than 2200 members!) and post there.

*Note: If this is your first time posting, or includes a link, your comment will need to be moderated before it appears. This is to prevent spam and should be approved within 24 hours.

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18 Responses

  1. Poem topic: “Harvesting the inner garden”
    by Kathie Houchens, September 2014

    Plump protoplasm
    Still and silent
    Odd orbs
    Cells of intention
    Clustered close
    Chambers of development
    Invisible growth
    Ever expanding
    Hidden riches
    Sweetened with time
    Necessary nourishment
    Showers of wonder
    Soil of suffering
    Sun of gratitude
    Ripening randomly
    Spontaneous readiness
    Gifts of beauty
    Cosmic generosity

  2. Cluster of color
    Plum, pink, and green
    How beautiful and wonderful
    That I can glean

    Seeds sown by others
    For harvest and taste
    As I stop and ponder
    In the midst of my haste

    Wonder fills my soul and I am
    Reluctant to depart
    But I will treasure this God moment
    Deep in my heart

  3. I am the Vine
    So heavy with my grapes
    Now that the time
    For harvest draws near

    Oh, please take one
    If it shimmers
    In the autumn sunlight
    Whispers to your heart

    Taste its sweetness
    Lick juice stained fingers
    Awaken to my hidden love
    So freely given

    That, at last
    As the oneness
    Of vine and grape
    Fullness of ocean
    And dance of the wave

    I may dwell in you
    And you may
    Dwell in me

  4. The Harvest
    The season is here to harvest
    To cut away and gather
    I am finding that Christ does miracles again
    No barren fields, earth upturned and empty
    But as soon as the harvesting of internal fruit takes place
    More grows and in abundance
    The fruit of the Spirit it seems
    Only thrives when harvested and increases its yield
    So, let love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,
    Faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control be brought in
    To be shared and to nourish myself and my tribe
    Tomorrow the fields will once again be full
    It’s how He is, how He works to fill us eternally.

  5. I don’t even know if this is “poetry.” But it is out! :)

    Authentic Life ripens, succulent awaiting the lips, the tongue, the teeth.
    Soul yearns for union, discovery, veiled lightly in the space between.

    Joining God in the labyrinth of this life unfolding,
    pulsing heart longing- all is silent but for birds and bugs and breath.

    Splendid moments encompassing all joy, peace, compassion, and
    Love’s resurrection power that conquers even death.

  6. The bunched grapes
    cling to each other, snuggle
    close to the vine that is their life;
    all colours, ripest plum
    to shy green not ready yet
    to be plucked. Like us,
    some are ready for harvest, others
    need a little more time in the sun.

  7. Full and plump with taste,
    Ready to be picked,
    Ripe with surprises and joy
    After hunger and thirst.

    Cling onto the sacred,
    Like the grapes on the vine
    Knowing that change is always happening,
    When to dance, and then let go.

    The branch feeds the fruit
    With wisdom and love,
    My heart is now fed with peace and quiet,
    So that the fruit can be picked.

  8. I am discovering that when I am silent in the stillness there is growth going on. Sometimes the seeds that are planted are slow in coming to full harvest. Others grow rather quickly. Our lives are like this. Sometimes we see growth, sometimes we think nothing is happening when in reality the seeds are taking time to be nourished before bursting forth into bloom. Here is a poem I wrote about stillness that I think sort of goes along with this.

    Is beautiful
    Time for quietness
    Peace, rest

    Is hard
    Much too quiet
    Sorrow, loneliness

    Is beautiful
    Time for reflection
    Hope, Joy

    Is hard
    Much soul searching
    Layers peeling

    Is beautiful
    Look to God
    Be grateful