Monk in the World guest post: Patricia Kowal

This week in our Monk in the World guest post series we have a beautiful poem from fellow monk Patricia Kowal who lives in Spokane, WA. Read on for her wisdom:

Mystic Within

Compassion, Compass, Passion
Contained in the Mystic-Within
Connected to Love, guided with Love, directed in Love
Flowing through one to another.

The mystic—once hidden under the rubble of past hurts
Covered in costume to protect the vulnerable heart
Now guided in Pure Love and Purpose.

 The summons is clear:
Come with me.
See beyond the protective dress
Nestle close to the tender heart of Mystery.
I am the Mystic Within.

Patricia KowalI offer spiritual direction and embrace and support walking the spiritual path.  I am a published author of fiction and non-fiction and write poetry to offer balm to the soul. I free-lance counseling skills as a group leader for Onsite Workshops in Tennessee which fosters growth and recovery from painful life experiences and am a retired Registered Nurse.

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