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Monk in the World guest post: Sara Hillis

I am delighted to share another beautiful submission for the Monk in the World guest post series from the community. Read on for Sara Hillis’ poetic wisdom on yielding to the divine Artist at work in us:

Mold me, O Potter, for I am Your clay.
Shape me, O Sculptor, for I am Your stone.
Play me, O Harper, for I am Your Instrument.
Sing me, O Bard, for I am Your song.

Live me, O Life, for I die without You.
Cherish me, O Love, for I pine without You.
Speak me, O Word, for I am Your silence.
Breathe me, O Breath, for I am Your void.
Conceive me, O Mind, for I am Your darkness.

Of old, You brought all things into being.
Bring me now into being.
Be in me that I may be in You.

May I be filled and brim over like a well-molded pot.
May I be radiant and regal as a beautiful sculpture.
May I bring beauty and joy like a well-tuned harp.
May I sing for gladness like a sublime song.

Let me be a mirror reflecting You.
Let me be a distant echo of Your voice.
Let me live in Your Light that I may know my own darkness.
Let me walk in Your Beauty that I may know my own scars.

Let me come to You at last as nothing more nor less than Your child.
Let me rest in You that I may truly act.
Let me be still in You that I may truly move.
Let me die in You that I may truly live.

Be my Father.
Be my Friend.
Be my Battle-cry and my lullaby.
Be my first and last thought.
Be my Joy and my peace.
Be what You already are: my own dear-beloved Christ.

And I will endeavour to let you be these things.
I will struggle to cease struggling against You.
I will strive to stop contending against Your goodness.

Give me Your hand and I will be taken by it.
Give me Your love and I will be lived by it.
Give me Your mercy and I will be used by it.
Give me Yourself and I will be healed by it.
Let me know You as my Source as You know me as your creation.
Let me find the harmony with You that I have lost.
Let me know the Truth of You that I have turned to lies.
Let me be Your beloved one and thereby learn to love all others.

Mold me, O Potter, for I am Your clay.
Shape me, O Sculptor, for I am Your stone.
Play me, O Harper, for I am Your Instrument.
Sing me, O Bard, for I am Your song.

Sara HillisMy given name is Sara Hillis, though I have unofficially taken the name Evangeline to embody my practice of being a monk in the world. I have always lived in Southern Ontario, Canada, and I have a Masters degree in English Literature, am a musician, an aspiring novelist, a sometime poet, and more generally, a person who seeks the contemplative way of life. I came to Christ from a pagan path, and so this former path does still inform my practices in small ways. I find the Abbey to be a place of kindred spirits, and though I don’t visit it often, whenever I do I find refreshment for my creative soul.

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4 Responses

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  2. As for being in the wilderness, I know all about that place. God is God. God wil never leave you nor forsake you. Let God speak to you, and you’ll be led rightly. I found Orthodox Christianity after being a Pagan and a Witch. I do not regret those days, because they taught me a lot, but I am also very glad to have found Christ again after being without Him. Still, everyone’s journey is what it is. may God bless your steps!

  3. Tom, I really have to say that the Catholic church misses you and that I am very sorry you are having a wilderness experience. Sometimes theLord needs to take us there to be able to speak to us. I too, have been in the wilderness,but God allowed me to go there so I could fully experience myself, but mostly to cling to Him–He is so good to us and the greatest thing is that He will never leave or forsake His people.

    God bless you and come home to Jesus!!Br Jeffrey

  4. Sara

    Your poem is so beautiful . Thank you

    Ironically I was raised a Catholic, but now after years of searching am now in the wilderness, believing in a loving Mother/Father , God who is love, believing that Christ was Messiah, not equal to God,but the epitimy of what it means to be holy and fully human.

    You are blessed. Tom