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Virtual Book Tour: Guest post at Ronna Detrick

For today’s stop on the Virtual Book Tour, I am delighted to share a guest post I wrote for Ronna Detrick on Seeing Ourselves with Eyes of the Heart. (I collaborated with Ronna on the fabulous Women on the Threshold online program).  Stop by the post to email Ronna for a chance to win a free copy of the book!

Eyes of the HeartCultivating eyes of the heart is about seeing in a more spacious and expansive way, and recognizing how we often move through life with limited vision.  It is a biblical perspective, where the heart is seen as the organ of transformation and integration.  It is the place from which intelligence, intuition, experiential knowing, and deep wisdom emerge.

Most days we move through life seeing from our minds.  Those tricky organs of thought, which love to categorize and analyze, love to plan and lay things out.  Our minds look for what they expect to see, rather than what is really there.

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