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Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire

I just got the cover design in the mail for my book Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire: The Christian Practice of Praying with the Elements from Ave Maria Press (coming in March 2010!). 

I really like the design a lot, especially the four symbols for the elements in the upper right (not as clear to see in the image).

Very exciting to begin to imagine what this will look like – the container for all of my hard work and passion!

I am also delighted at the advance reviews/blurbs from some of my favorite authors:

“For too many centuries, too many Christians have been taught that a deep reverence for the beauty of nature is incompatible with sincere faith. Christine Valters Paintner’s new book, Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire, thus comes as both a blessing and a gift. Not only is her writing as beautiful as the symbolism she describes, but her wide knowledge of Scripture, Patristic writing, the mystical life of the saints, and contemporary spiritual poetry makes the reading of this book an inspiring and rejuvenating adventure.”

-Paula Huston, Author of The Holy Way: Practices for a Simple Life

“Christine Valters Paintner invites us-with inspiring words and examples-to dive deep into the elemental universe, and encounter there the Mystery that hides in all things. She writes out of the Christian tradition, but her message is as universal as the elements themselves.”

-Chet Raymo, Author of When God Is Gone, Everything Is Holy: The Making of a Religious Naturalist

“Amid the current profusion of spirituality-and-nature books, Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire is a rare treasure: a deeply Christian book that also draws us more deeply into contemplation of and relationship with nature.

This fine work of spiritual wisdom and guidance offers to both individuals and groups a companion for all seasons. It can soothe at night, enliven in the morning, kindle the human spirit during the day, and at all times serve as a reminder of the abiding presence of the Creator Spirit, which is the spirit of Christ on earth and among us.”

-Jane Redmont, Author of When in Doubt, Sing: Prayer in Daily Life

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14 Responses

  1. Christine…
    What great work you have done here! I, too, like the design on the cover and the advance reviews are superb!

    Of course, I will have to own a copy.

    Big hugs to you, wonderful woman!

  2. The cover is lovely. And the content sounds oh so inviting. And I agree that squealing and dancing and ohhhing and ahhhing are all in order! Congratulations!

  3. Christine, the cover is very inviting
    i would definitely pick it up off the bookshelf for a closer inspection
    congratulations on more tangible evidence of your ability to encourage and inspire others

  4. Christine – Absolutely terrific – can’t wait to have the finished product in my hands!!! The reviews are splendid and those of us who are growing to know you more and more are not the least surprised to see such high marks! Congratulations! xoxo