Mandalas – Part Two

Stop by Patheos for the second part of my article on Mandalas in the church.

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3 Responses

  1. In a Hindu scripture, there is also an exact description of passing through 7 gates in a palace to reach God. There is also quite a lot of mention of mandalas as well. It is really interesting.

  2. Thanks for this comment kigen. Yes, there are lots of wonderful nuances which get left out of a brief article for the web, so nice to explore some of those here, perhaps others in more writing. :-)

  3. Christine, loved taking that walk with you into St. Teresa’s mandala-Castle — and it’s so delightful to see Teresa and Hildegard’s imagery presented together so seamlessly! In Tibetan art I’ve seem some architectural mandalas drafted as squares, which I like a lot. So your photo montage really can work as a mandala — as Jesus says, “in my father’s house there are many mansions.,” and Teresa quotes that too, and describes her castle as ” having rooms above and below and on the sides.”

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