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Fall Equinox Friday Five

The RevGalBlogPals have a Friday Five that I don’t usually play, but this one is about one of my favorite topics and I am procrastinating on getting real work done!

Five favorite things about fall:

1) A fragrance: The smell of my rosemary orange chicken roasting in the oven.  So simple, so incredibly satisfying.

2) A color: The vibrant red hue of a Japanese maple in autumn, watching the amber glow of the fire in the fireplace.

3) An item of clothing: My old, cozy black fleece hooded jacket.  Great over my pajamas when I am working from home. I also love being able to bring back out the down comforter and snuggle under it.  To me, fall is all about the snuggling.

4) An activity: Each morning I take a prayer walk, a time to become fully present to what nature is inviting me to consider. In autumn my heart is flung wide open by the beauty and I simply rest in the awe.

5) A special day: October 19th, the anniversay of my mother’s death.  This year will be the fifth anniversary and I am planning some retreat time away at one of my favorite places.

What about you?   I’d love to hear your Fall favorites!

Have a marvelous weekend.

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11 Responses

  1. to be gathered into your home with or without soup and chicken …how utterly and thoroughly delightful!! let me know when to pack my bags! someday we should consider a bloggers’ (or in my case ex-blogger) retreat! peaceful sabbath, Christine.

    Suz … we don’t have a trader joe’s here which is a supreme bummer!!!!! i guess i’ll just have to wipe the drool from my chin and go make some of Christine’s apple-pear crisp.

  2. Thanks for playing. That chicken will be on the spring menu here downunder (I still have sooo many oranges lol). And I’ve bookmarked Salt Spring Island for whenever I get to Canada. It looks beautiful and a lovely place to remember your mother.

  3. Oh, I am embarrassed! I made a pan of brownies and the gingerbread from Trader joe’s mixes! I did put real homemade buttercream frosting on the brownies, though! I am usually not big on mixes but these were marked “organic” and were delicious.

  4. Wow. Reading your five faves almost made me yearn for Fall/Autumn. Except for the fact that I have just got through Winter and don’t want to see it again for quite a while, thanks very much! That chicken recipe sounds pretty yummy :) Enjoy the changing colours.

  5. Oh I loved coming home to these comments.

    Yes, do try the chicken recipe — so good!

    Thanks Suz and Laure for sharing your responses. Suz, I love the leaves crunching too an Laure I love baths and the changing shades of the sky.

    Yes Suz, I want the gingerbread recipe too! :-)

    Goodness, I want to gather you all into my home for some butternut squash soup and roast chicken and then a long chat snuggled by the fire wrapped in fleece.

    Shabbat Shalom friends!

  6. Christine … love the chicken recipe. thank you!

    Suz … would you mind sharing your gingerbread recipe?

    fall favs … hot cider. i can’t drink tea or coffee (it’s an oxalate thing). fires in the fireplace, soups, walking in the forest on chilled days, gray skies that portend snow not rain, the sound of leaves crunching under foot, the smell of other people’s fireplaces burning when walking outdoors, the first time i see my breath, snuggling with my husband under a pile of blankets, hot baths, the different colors of twilight this time of year, becoming more quiet and thought full, scarves, apsen leaves shimmering gold in the mountains, the sound of the furnace kicking in first thing before dawn.

  7. 1. A Minnesota invention…the honey-crisp apple. Not too sweet, not too tart, and very crunchy!

    2. An enormous maple tree out my window that is the first to turn colors. I drove home the other day and literally gasped when I saw that it had started.

    3. Gingerbread…in the over right now! Served with real whipped cream.

    4. A new sweatshirt for my favorite candidate…”Another Mama for _____” . Well I guess I gave it away! Huge and soft inside. You are right, Songbird!

    5. Walking the dog with the leaves crunching under my shoes. She loves to chase them…silly girl. It is a quiet and peaceful time, as not many people are out in my neighborhood during the day. I think I feel the presence of God in the fall more than any season.