Sacred Artist Interview: Eileen Miller

Eileen Miller is another wonderful artist I discovered through blogging.  Her primary art medium is acrylic painting, and then pen and ink.  She is a lover of art, appreciating all forms of styles and is influenced by Vincent van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe, Rodin, and Gustav Klimt.  She roots herself in the Roman Catholic tradition, after what she describes as a full circle religious journey.  Her Higher Power is The Trinity and The Blessed Mother.  

I am grateful to Eileen for taking the time to share with us here:


How do you experience the connection between spirituality and creativity?

For me, the connection between spirituality and creativity is a strong one. While in the creative mode, I am grateful … appreciating the process, the subject, and working to communicate to others in a unique and honorable way. Creativity and talents are gifts from Above.

What role does spiritual practice have in your art-making?

More often than not, painting is a meditative process for me. When I am able to free myself from rapid-fire thoughts, slow my breathing, and feel more than think, I find that the passage of time as no bearing.  It is much like a leaf flowing down a trickling stream … being of it.

What sparked your spiritual journey?

It started with religion, but I needed more. I longed to feel a deeper connection with The Trinity and the Blessed Mother. The difference came when I called out in a prayer of desperation and a profound miracle happened, changing the course of my life. From that point, I set out for a more fluid, ever-deepening, changing relationship with my Higher Power.

What sparked your artistic journey?

I was eight years old. While visiting my sister at college, I was introduced to painting and pen & ink. And for the very first time, I felt completely engaged in something – and the sadness I almost continually felt (since my mother’s death three years prior), was replaced with joy.

Do you have a particular process you use when entering into your creative work?

There must be music playing and candles lit. I make a point of looking out at the water before I begin and saying a simple prayer of gratitude, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.” I breathe deeply, as I turn to the awaiting canvas. Sometimes my work flows with relative ease, yet other times it feels like a struggle; sometimes I am elated with the outcome, yet other times I’m quick to spread the gesso. It’s above loving and learning for me.


I am so grateful to Eileen for sharing her wisdom about her creative and spiritual journey here.

I love the way gratitude is woven so deeply into her work and a trust of the process itself.

I have one of Eileen’s paintings hanging in my hermitage space.  It is called “Fearless and Searching” and shows these gorgeous white trees against a night sky and a full moon.  I knew when I began this time of my own searching in this space of stillness that her image would help to nurture me in that journey.

Artwork from top to bottom:

Serenity Prayer, Pathway to Peace, Gentle Traveler, Change We Must

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