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Category: Sacred Artist Interview


Sacred Artist Interview: Patricia Ariel

I met Patricia Ariel recently online when she left a comment at one of my previous Sacred Artist Interviews.  I went to her website link and discovered her beautiful artwork.  I love the sensuality and vibrancy of her images which enter the viewer into the mythical realm. I found myself exploring their inner landscape in my imagination and loved the places they took me.  As always, I am so grateful to her for taking the time to respond to these questions and offer you, my dear readers, another window into the connection between creativity and spiritual practice. ________________________________________ Are you

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Sacred Artist Interview: Stacy Wills

I met Stacy Wills through my blog, and as always, was absolutely delighted to come across a talented artist who weaves a spiritual vision into her creative work and my special interest in bringing the arts to spiritual direction. Stacy’s mandalas are beautiful and a wonderful tool for meditation and centering.  I am captivated by their vibrancy and contemporary interpretation of an ancient art form. Stacy was so generous with her time and wisdom here, so please read on!_____________________________________________________ Are you rooted in a particular faith tradition? I was born and raised in the beautiful coastal city of Savannah, Georgia

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Sacred Artist Interview: Sybil Archibald

Sybil Archibald, also know as Painter of Blue, has a blog dedicated to spirituality and art and loves medieval illuminations (so you know I was going to like her right from the start). She has even co-authored a book called Lapis and Gold, on reclaiming the original tools and methods of medieval artists.  We have only been recently introduced through this virtual world, but she is most certainly a kindred spirit and has been gracious enough to respond to my interview questions for the benefit of you, my dear readers. Read on for more sacred wisdom: ____________________________________________ Are you rooted in

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Sacred Artist Interview: Shiloh Sophia McCloud

I am not certain how I first discovered Shiloh Sophia McCloud‘s work, I am just grateful that I did.  I find her art inspiring, invigorating, captivating, whimsical, and utterly delightful.  She describes her art below as “images of what is possible for our lives” — and I say amen! On her website it says that Shiloh has been working with people and as a full time Artist for over ten years in an arena she calls “the sacred arts movement” which is dedicated to exploring the tri-fold relationship between intention-based arts, meaningful life-work and the path of personal transformation. Sounds just like my

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Sacred Artist Interview: Liora

I was connected to Liora‘s work through another artist (I love when that happens) who sent her my way.  I loved her vibrant images on her website, especially the mandalas she has created and the way she integrates Buddhist and Hindu symbolism into her work. She teaches art and creativity workshops down in the Florida area which sound delightful.  I am grateful, as always, to Liora for taking time to reflect on my questions for this interview and offer you, my wonderful readers, some insight into her creative process and the integration with spirituality.  _______________________________________________ Are you rooted in a

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Sacred Artist Interview: Katharine Houk

I was first introduced to the work of Katharine Houk by Tess at Anchors and Masts. I love it when people point me to their favorite artists (hint hint) because I always discover someone with tremendous grace and beauty in service to others. Katharine is a textile artist who creates these beautiful and tactile ritual pieces including garments, stoles, and banners.  She was so gracious to take time to respond to my Sacred Artist Interview questions and offer us a window into her creative process and spiritual path.  So read on for more wisdom: _____________________________________________________ Are you rooted in a particular faith

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Sacred Artist Interview: Mary Kolb

When one of my readers suggested Mary Kolb for the Sacred Artist Interview series I thought it might be fun to explore an “artist of the inner life” instead of my usual focus on visual artists, poets, and musicians.   I love that phrase, after all, are we not all invited to co-create the architecture of our inner selves?  And in that dynamic process we also help to create the world.  Read on for more wisdom from Mary and her insights into an intriguing and revelatory process. ___________________________________________________________ I consider myself an artist of the inner life. I teach self-awareness and growth tools

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