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Sacred Artist Interview: Marybeth Leis Druery

Marybeth Leis Druery is another one of the wonderful artists I have had the privelege to encounter through my art editing work with the Presence Journal for the spiritual direction community.  Her website Contemplative Art is filled with her luminous watercolors and purchase of her beautiful cards and prints goes to support Student Open Circles. I always feel a sense of kindredness to the artists who so willingly share their wisdom here, and in a particular way with Marybeth.  Not so much her religious upbringing, as the influences on her ways of being now.  So read on for more illumination! _________________________________________________________ Are

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Sacred Artist Interview: Josie Rodriguez

  I was connected to Josie Rodriguez‘s wonderful work through Laurie Mika (see Laurie’s interview here). I adore encaustic and I always feel a kinship with people doing the extraordinarily meaningful work of chaplaincy, especially hospice work.  Ever since I walked with my own mother through the last few days of her life I have been drawn to the journey of dying and grieving. Josie is a hospice chaplain in San Diego and was so generous to send me her insights into my questions exploring the connection between spirituality and creativity. So read on! _____________________________________________________________ Are you rooted in a particular

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Sacred Artist Interview: Claudia Campbell

I am delighted to feature Claudia Campbell in this week’s Sacred Artist Interview. As with many of the artists I know, I first encountered her work through my role as art editor for Presence journal.  We later had the pleasure of connecting by phone and I enjoyed hearing about Claudia’s own connections as both a spiritual director and an artist. I am grateful to Claudia for taking time to share of her wisdom and insight into the creative process and spiritual journey with all of my wonderful readers: ____________________________________________ Are you rooted in a particular faith tradition? I am rooted

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Sacred Artist Interview: Matthew Whitney

I first discovered Matthew Whitney‘s art through the Image Journal‘s email newsletter. I am always looking for artists to include in the Presence journal, and I loved Matthew’s work and was delighted to find out he is also a fellow Seattleite. (In fact, for those of you who live in the area, he has a solo exhibition opening on December 4th at the Marni Muir Gallery here in Seattle. I am grateful to Matt for his thoughtfulness and willingness to share his insights into the connections between the spiritual journey and the creative process here with you, my wonderful readers. _________________________________________

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Sacred Artist Interview: Leah Piken Kolidas

Leah Piken Kolidas is another artist I discovered in my art editing work for Presence journal.  I fell in love with her piece “Betwixt and Between” (seen just below).  It evoked in me that exhilirating sense of being on the border of something new, of entering a new landscape. I especially loved when I went to look it up in her shop and read her inspiration behind the piece because she refers to the term “antevasin” from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, Love, a phrase that captured my imagination immediately when first I read it in her book myself.  It

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Sacred Artist Interview: Anne Ierardi

  I am delighted to be returning to these interviews again after a long hiatus.  I was introduced to Anne Ierardi‘s art through my work as art editor with Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction. I am grateful to Anne for saying yes to my invitation to share her insights into the connections between art and spirituality with all of you, my wonderful readers. ______________________________________ Are you rooted in a particular faith tradition?  I’ve had a marvelous faith journey. The tree of life is still growing. My early roots are in Catholicism influenced by Thomas Merton’s ideas on faith as social action

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Sacred Artist Interview: Marcy Hall

I first encountered Marcy Hall‘s work through her partner’s blog blisschick who comments here very thoughtfully from time to time.  I was delighted to follow the links that landed me at Marcy’s website because I discovered an artist with a wonderful sense of playfulness to her work, while at the same time exploring very sacred themes. I also adore her use of animals in her imagery that speak to me of the sacred power our connections to creatures have.  Each animal in her work seems to occupy its own world of peace and play, while also inviting the person gazing upon

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