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I have been neglectful of my lovely web ring lately, not making the rounds to see what creative things are happening in the blogosphere.  So I hereby resolve to make this a more regular part of my reading and blogging activity.  Look for an every-other-week highlights (alternating with the Poetry Party) of what is happening among these artist friends. 

Do you want to join the fun?  The ring description says: “This ring welcomes artists of all mediums who are rooted in a faith tradition or spiritual practice and who use the arts to explore mystery and meaning. You might be a writer, poet, musician, visual artist, dancer, chef, gardener, or someone who nurtures creativity in your life in a variety of ways.” 

If this sounds like you, then please click here to submit your website or blog for approval and be a part of this creative community.

Welcome to our two newest members:

First is the wonderful Grunewald Guild here in the Northwest near the delightful town of Leavenworth.  They offer an amazing array of programs bringing together art and faith from a Christian perspective.  They have some fall offerings listed, or you might want to think about planning a summer trip and take one of their weeklong courses.  The 2008 offerings aren’t up just yet, but you can take a look at 2007 to see what the possibilities might be.

Lisa Poole at Groggy Froggy shares her whimsical doll and collage creations at her blog as well as her Etsy shop.

We have some iconographers among us, Tom Denich has some beautiful work, I have always loved this icon image in particular — the intimacy of Mary’s cheek pressed against the Christ child.

Lots of photos to peruse: 

There is this intriguing invitation to meditation — a photo labyrinth that guides you with nature poems by Emily Dickinson.  Jules at Maced With Grace offers some lovely photos at her photoblog.  I am smitten with these lily photos. Melissa Howard at Those Northern Skies has some great war paint photos of her daughter.  I always love the photos she takes of her children.  Britt-Arnhild always offers us images of her Norwegian world, but this past week spent time by herself in Padova.  There is something so liberating about traveling alone.  Cathleen at Back Road Journey uses her thyme garden to reflect on the nature of time/thyme.

The gifts of Poetry:

I love Rich’s poem about Grandmother Moon at his blog Pilgrim Path.  Bette at Surimono Garden offers this evocative image of the train station with a haiku.  Leah at This Far By Faith was a late addition to the Poetry Party last week, so make sure to read her poem in response to the San Diego fires.

I didn’t get to everyone this time around.  If you haven’t been posting much to your blog lately or reflecting much on the arts, you may not have been included in this edition.  But as I said, look for a regular feature here on alternate Mondays.  Also, please make sure you have added the ring code to your blog and I will be making the rounds to check on that as well.

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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4 Responses

  1. lucy, hope you have some breathing space this week!

    Suz, I haven’t taught there. When I first moved to Seattle I inquired but they looked for teachers who had taken classes there and I believe the teaching was on a volunteer basis at the time. Things may have changed, I still want to take a class there, maybe next summer if I can work it in.

    eileen, with your lovely art you might consider joining the ring!

  2. How exciting! The Gruenwald Guild summer program looks fantastic! We have great spiritual programs and ourstanding art programs but nothing thet combines the two like this.

    Do you ever teach out there, Christine?

  3. thank you for this wonderful look into so many delightful blogs. it makes me want to curl up for the day and just indulge in all of the wonderful images and words…alas, i do not have that luxury today :-(