Prayer for Evening

The image is my view from the hermitage over the Hood Canal toward the Olympic mountains.

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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Blessing on the feast of Francis of Assisi

Blessings on this feast of Francis of Assisi! In 2019, John and I had the joy of traveling to Assisi on pilgrimage to walk in Francis’ landscape. It was such a gift to connect more deeply to this amazing human being and his sister-in-spirit Clare.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful comments my friends.

    Elaine, I really like that quote you posted.

    Bette, I adore that book! I read it after my mother died because it was one of her favorites, and I just inhaled it. Yes, we all need to connect with our inner wild woman (or man). :-) Thanks for the request for my own poems. Funny thing, as much as I adore other people’s poetry I feel more shy about sharing my own than almost anything else, but I think your invitation will help me to bring them more consciously to this space. They tend to hide in my journals quietly like shy deer. Maybe I can get them in touch with their own inner wolves. ;-)

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