Lenten Links

A wonderful poem about threshold space written by Rich at Pilgrim Path:

Ash Wednesday

On this February morning,
not fully winter, not quite spring,
the palest lemonade-colored sun
rises weakly over the lake.
A still fog sits over the water,
trapping a ship in time just as
the frozen waters anchor it in place.
A waterfront bench entombed in
snow serves no purpose but to remind
us of a nearly past storm.
A good day to be stuck in time
on a fulcrum of faith’s calendar.
Let us take our cue from nature
and sit with this threshold day as it requires.

-Rich Murray

Milton at Don’t Eat Alone has been keeping a Lenten Journal.  I especially loved this post on lenten reduction.

Antony at Coming to the Quiet always has good reflections on monastic spirituality.  I really liked his reflection on Lent here.  This line especially spoke to me: “Lent should shake each of us inside and out.” Amen.

Maggi Dawn has a great reflection on Lent and our cultural obsession with food and size.

Rachel at Swandive provides a link to Ship of Fools with 40 Ideas for Lent, some very good and practical ideas!

I return on Monday!  Blessings on your lenten journey!

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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