Impossible, Necessary Resurrections

What will you give up for this season,
to help life along
in its curious reversals?
As if we had a choice.
As if the world were not
constantly shedding us
like feathers off a duck’s back—
the ground is always
littered with our longings.

You can’t help but wonder
about all the heroes,
the lives and limbs sacrificed
in their compulsion toward the good.
All those who dropped themselves
upon the earth’s hard surface—
weren’t they caught in pure astonishment
in the breath before they shattered?

Forget sacrifice. Nothing
is so firmly tied that the wind
won’t tear it from us at last.
The question is how to remain faithful
to all the impossible,
necessary resurrections.

-Lynn Ungar

I am back from my journey east and very tired both from the travel as well as the intensity of the program and the shedding and resurrecting that has been happening in my soul.  There is much for me to ponder and hold in my heart, but for now rest and renewal.  I am so deeply glad to be home with my beloved and Petunia on this wondrous spring day, in a city I love with all my heart. 

What are the “impossible, necessary resurrections” you are making room for this Lent?

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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