Making Space: Book Giveaway (Part 2)

Part Two of my cleaning out process.  Listed below are several more books that I have either read or probably won’t get a chance to read.  Same as before:  read over the list, select one or two titles that interest you, then leave a comment with your request.  I will email you for your mailing address and send it to you by media mail.  Read through the comments before requesting a title to make sure it wasn’t claimed already.  I will try and go in and cross off the ones requested as they go.  Those who already claimed books in Part One are welcome to do so again.  If you aren’t sure about a title, go to to read the description:

Plain and Simple by Sue Bender

Medicine as Ministry by Margaret Mohrmann

God in the Balance by Carter Heyward

Memories of God by Roberta Bondi

Storming Heaven’s Gate edited by Sumrall and Vecchione

Questions of Heaven by Gretel Ehrlich

What Makes Us Catholic by Thomas Groome

Sophie’s World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy by Jostein Gardner

A Year by the Sea by Joan Anderson

Voices of Silence: Lives of the Trappists Today by Frank Bianco

The Abbey Up the Hill by Carol Bonomo

The View From the Monastery by Brother Tvedten

Legacy of Luna by Julia Butterfly Hill

Words on Fire by Vanessa Ochs

The Close: A Young Woman’s First Year at Seminary by Chloe Breyer

Springs of Water in a Dry Land by Mary Jo Weaver

The Word According to Eve by Cullen Murphy

Catholic Imagination by Andrew Greeley

Springs of Spirituality by Mary Anne Huddleston 

The Gospels in Our Image: Anthology of 20th Century Poetry edited by David Curzon

Blessings, Christine Valters Paintner

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