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New Article on Spirituality and the Arts

In the fall the editor of the UCLA Spirituality and Higher Education Newsletter found my website through a search and asked me to write an article for their upcoming issue on spirituality and artistic expression. The article is titled “The Relationship Between Spirituality and Artistic Expression: Cultivating the Capacity for Imagining” and you can find it here. To the left of the article are links to a couple of other articles you may be interested in as well. The article on “The Empowering of Art and Spirituality” is written by Marilyn Russell, a Native American woman and scholar. You can

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Welcome to ‘Abbey of the Arts’

I spent some of my time away over Christmas reflecting on the year ahead and what direction I want to take some of my creative work.  I am not much into goal-setting, because my spiritual path tends to be much more organic, focused on listening to what is emerging and unfolding in me in a particular moment and trying to honor that impulse.  In many ways this practice is a balance to my own natural tendency to live in the future and always imagine what is next.  I do value big visions, as long as part of my plans are to make

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**I added some information below on the tools I used for the stamp carving I have been really captivated by rubber stamp carving these days.  Bette got me started and now I keep thinking of things I want to carve.  I love making a design and then carving away the excess until only the form remains.  It becomes very meditative as I am fully mindful and present to what is before me.  I also love the look of the metallic ink on black paper:    I love trees, so of course had to carve one!   This cross is from

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This is now.  Now is, all there is.  Don’t wait for Then; strike the spark, light the fire. Sit at the Beloved’s table, feast with gusto, drink your fill then dance the way branches of jasmine and cypress dance in a spring wind. The green earth is your cloth; tailor your robe with dignity and grace. -Rumi I feel my creative fires continuing to kindle and spark.  How lovely to have some time this week to simply craft and play.  I share below my initial experiment with lettering, carving stamps, and using pastel and paint.  Unfortunately the vibrancy of the silver and gold

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The window above is from the Shafer Baillie Mansion and the window below is from the Conservatory in Volunteer Park (this photo is turned on its side and then duplicated in mirror image to create a mandala).  I walk by both of these lovely buildings almost every time I go for a walk in my neighborhood and I have never before taken photos of the windows, never really noticed their beauty.  For some reason on this particular morning their shapes intrigued me, inviting me into reflection and playing with new perspectives.  I am feeling drawn to get some photo coloring pens and highlight the patterns with colors. I

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We had a great Awakening the Creative Spirit weekend again.  This time my wonderful partner Betsey Beckman led us in storytelling, music, and song and the twelve holy women who participate were a gift to be with in their journeys of discovery.  After we closed our time together I looked outside and wished I had brought my camera.  Above the city’s rooftops, I could see beautiful Mount Rainier flanked by the snow-capped Cascades and the waxing moon, that is almost full, beginning to rise in the mid-afternoon sky. Unfortunately I have not been feeling that well.  First, right before we were leaving

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Moments in Time

I mentioned before borrowing some of Michael Meade’s CD’s  from the library and listening to them while driving on my retreat.  He has such a wonderful way of weaving in poetry and storytelling with his own insights about the mythical and imaginative life.  In his CD titled The Great Dance: Finding One’s Way in Troubled Times, he quotes the poet Blake as saying “there is a moment of eternity waiting for you every day.”  Meade sats the word “moment” comes from the Latin root momentus, which means to move.  We are moved when we touch the eternal and timeless.  There is a sense

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