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New Article on Spirituality and the Arts

In the fall the editor of the UCLA Spirituality and Higher Education Newsletter found my website through a search and asked me to write an article for their upcoming issue on spirituality and artistic expression. The article is titled “The Relationship Between Spirituality and Artistic Expression: Cultivating the Capacity for Imagining” and you can find it here.

To the left of the article are links to a couple of other articles you may be interested in as well. The article on “The Empowering of Art and Spirituality” is written by Marilyn Russell, a Native American woman and scholar. You can see some of her beautiful artwork here. She has some amazing art of the Madonna and Spirit Woman. Definitely worth clicking over!

Also, I want to highly recommend the Glen Workshop in Santa Fe, NM the first week of August! I have gone twice before, once in 1999 when it was held in Abiquiu and in 2005 in Santa Fe. Each time I took the Nonfiction/Spiritual Writing Workshop with different teachers (Virginia Stem Owens and Paula Huston) and each time had such a rich experience of the workshops, the liturgies, and the great conversations at meals. My husband came with me last time and took the Seminar option, which was led by a Native American artist that he really enjoyed. They also have workshops in poetry, fiction, mosaics, calligraphy, and others. It is also where I got to meet Rich Murray from Pilgrim Path. We were in the Paula Huston workshop together. The Glen is sponsored by Image Journal, a very worthwhile publication based here in Seattle.

And one more resource just in: my friend Rachelle who is the Urban Abbess is now also Magpie Girl, and is also releasing her very first zine. The first issue is Hiver: A Zine for Midwinter (Hiver is French for winter) and only $4 to get an issue of it. I haven’t seen it yet, but knowing Rachelle I am sure it is delightful and you know how much I adore winter.

And if you can stand one more dog photo. . .

-Christine Valters Paintner

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8 Responses

  1. Glad to hear it Bette, it is a lot of material to take in. Glad to hear you are supporting Rachelle’s work, I can’t wait to get mine! And Tune’s eyes are very soulful, I love that hazel color that look with such longing.

  2. I’m enjoying your interesting and informative article bit by bit. Thank you also for the link – I have ordered Rachell’s new zine. Tune’s eyes are precious!

  3. That looks like my speed. I have many talentsand interests but I am master of none!

    I will sit down and read the articles today. I am so excited because this represents so much of me and my own interests! I didn’t know this area existed until I read it here.


  4. Hi Susan, when you click on the link for my article, to your left under contents should be the other links. People of different skill levels are definitely welcome at the Glen. It is a very supportive community of folks who go. The focus is definitely more on fine arts than expressive arts though, but a nice place to develop a craft. The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association is having their annual conference in May in NC, there are always fun workshops at those conferences, click here for more info:

  5. I did read the new article…haven’t found the link with the other three. I panicked when I looked at the site for the retreat…Calligraphy by Timothy Botts? I am trying to remember that bring a learner is ok! I love to play with arts…I am not an expert at any. I use music, visual art, journaling, beading, etc. when I do women’s retreats but at a very basic level.

    I don’t think there are any expressive arts classes/programs per se, though United Sem has a program in Arts and Spirituality and a good one week summer program.

  6. I’m playing catch-up. It’s great that you were asked to write an article and I will read it when I am ready to do it properly. Perhaps first thing tomorrow morning with a big hot cup of coffee.

    Congratulations on your new family member. Tune seems like such a sweet soul. I wonder who is healing who?

  7. Thank you so much for the resources, Christine! I am going to look at that retreat. I ordered three books that I am quite sure I found referenced on your site and also plan to read your three articles. Traditional psychology just did not do it for me and I am finding myself drawn more and more to expressive arts therapy…if I am able to work again. If not, perhaps I can just take classes for the fun of it all!

    So…I have some required reading for a spiritual direction training program reunion and then I will bury myself in those books and wiritings!

    “Hiver” has been cold in Minnesota but the sun has been shining beautifully!