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Writing Songs for Monks and Mystics (guest post by David Ash)

For the last several months, we have been embarking on an exciting creative project and collaboration.  It started with choosing 12 dancing monks to be a part of the original Dancing Monk Icon series painted by Marcy Hall.  These icons were meant to depict some beloved monks and mystics in a joyful and colorful way, reminding us of our call to dance through this life. I have been following with a series of poems I am slowly writing about each of these wondrous figures, choosing moments in their stories to illuminate. Then we had the inspiration to feature a dancing monk for each

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Give Me a Word: Third annual Abbey giveaway

Two years ago I began what has now become an annual tradition at Abbey of the Arts during this time of new year reflection.  I offer the same invitation this year, again with some prizes to give away on January 6th, and this time with a free gift for everyone who participates. *Everyone* who shares their word for the year and a brief description in the comments below also gets a *free guided meditation recording* from the Abbey with an *Embodied Examen Prayer for the New Year.*  It is a great way to reflect on the past year and tend your dreams for

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*Savor* – my word for 2012

Each year for the last two years I have invited readers to share a word that has chosen them for the year ahead.  Give Me a Word for 2012 will be posted on Wedneday, December 21st and I have lots of wonderful goodies in store for you including a free gift for everyone who participates and a drawing for several wonderful prizes on January 6th.  So make sure to come back to the Abbey blog to read more and share your own word with us then.  If you want a reminder, make sure to subscribe to the Abbey email newsletter.

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Last chance to register for the Advent online retreat!

November 27 – December 24, 2011 (a 4-week online class) Description I must be the Virgin and give birth to God. –Angelus Silesius (17th century German mystic) What good is it to me if Mary gave birth to the Son of God fourteen hundred years ago and I do not also give birth to the Son of God in my time and in my culture? We are all meant to be Mothers of God. -Meister Eckhart (15th century German mystic) Each of us is called to participate in bringing God to birth in the world. We each hear our own

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Free Book Winners

Announcing the winners of the random drawings for free signed copies of books by the guest teachers in the Advent online retreat: Becoming a *Monk in the World* with Paula Huston Jillian wins a signed copy of The Holy Way: Practices for a Simple Life Becoming a *Monk in the World* with Dana Reynolds Maureen at Writing Without Paper wins a signed copy of Our Turn Our Time: Women Truly Coming of Age Becoming a *Monk in the World* with Roy DeLeon Barbara Lindquist Miller wins a signed copy of Praying with the Body: Bringing the Psalms to Life. Becoming a

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Visual Meditation: Christmas Blessings from Vienna

Christmas blessings to all friends of the Abbey – may you discover the holy being birthed within your own heart, may your life enflesh the sacred presence for others. Stop by “Give me a Word” and share the word shimmering for you for 2011 and read the moving reflections others have posted in response to their own words.  If you need support in letting the word choose you stop by this post for suggestions. More winter images can be found here. . .  

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Visual Meditation: Winter Solstice (in Vienna)

Today in the Northern hemisphere we celebrate the Winter Solstice, that day of the great turning toward the light.  Winter is my favorite season with her achingly beautiful spareness.  I offer you some images from my time away below.  Blessings on your own journey through holy darkness toward illumination. More photos to come later in the week including a reflection about how to listen for the Word which might be calling to you for the coming year.  Make sure to stop by “Give me a Word” and share yours for a chance to win an online class and to read

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