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Lughnasa Blessing

I know some of you are enduring terrible heat right now, but here in Ireland the turning toward Lughnasa brings a shift in light and air that hints at autumn’s coming which I love. July is the hardest month for me because of both too much light and heat – although this year it was the rainiest month and cooler than usual thankfully – so I celebrate this feast as it brings my favorite seasons ahead when I feel more creativity and aliveness. 

Wherever you are in the northern hemisphere, you might honor this threshold of turning toward harvest. And if you are in the southern hemisphere, blessings on your Imbolc and the quickening of early spring! 

*Lughnasa Blessing*

Spirit of the Harvest Time,
help us gather in the goodness
of all we have sown these last few months. 
From the seeds of food planted  
to the dreams we have cultivated, 
bless all that has come to fullness 
that it be in service of life.
Fill our baskets with sweet fruits 
and plentiful grain to nourish us
for the months ahead. 
Let blackberries stain our fingers
and staffs of wheat be transformed 
into bread to share with others. 
Spark gratitude in our hearts 
for this moment of fullness
so we know ourselves as vessels of your abundance.
As the sun’s arc across the sky begins to lower,
and the air hints at autumn’s crispness,
so too, usher us into a new season of life,
one filled with kindness and care 
for everyone who struggles. 
Let this harvest be a gathering in of love. 

With great and growing love,


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