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Upcoming Programs and Offerings ~ A Love Note from Your Online Abbess

Dearest monks, artists, and pilgrims, We are back after our July break from programs and newsletters. It is always a wonderful time for us to step back from the daily details of running an online Abbey and rest deeply. In the midst of that rested space emerges new inspiration for the year to come.  One of our projects during this time has been working with a wonderful website designer to revamp our website. It still has the feel of the previous site with easier set up for us and hopefully easier to navigate for you.  We are thrilled to continue

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New Poetry Video – Sabbath + Summer Sabbatical ~ A Love Note from Your Online Abbess

Sabbath by Christine Valters Paintner from Abbey of the Arts on Vimeo. Dearest monks and artists, Every summer we try to step back from this wonderful work and take a bit of time off for planning, dreaming, and resting. Sabbath is one of the profound gifts of a generous and abundant divine presence who says that work is good and rest is necessary. We are so grateful for all the ways this community supports our work in the world and we are eager to listen more deeply in the coming weeks to what new things want to be birthed through

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New Poetry Video – Crossing the Divide ~ A Love Note from Your Online Abbess

Crossing the Divide by Christine Valters Paintner from Abbey of the Arts on Vimeo. Crossing the Divide She walks, as if from a dream, into your life, ribboned hair unraveling, brown eyes like cups of tea, come to whisper a secret into your trembling ear. You try hard not to listen, clinging to your calendar, your achievements, your loneliness, until the silver ache of it all spreads through your limbs and she holds out her hand across the ravine, and you see how the chasm is not empty, but filled with a rushing river, and you can swim until you

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New Poetry Video – God Among the Pots and Pans ~ A Love Note from Your Online Abbess

God Among the Pots and Pans by Christine Valters Paintner.mp4 from Abbey of the Arts on Vimeo. God Among the Pots and Pans (After St. Teresa of Avila) Sifting flour for daily bread white mist rises dough multiplies before my eyes Chopped carrots form a broken string of orange prayer beads The sharp knife cuts through any confusion bone gleaming exposed Sizzle of steak onions and mushrooms alchemy of steel and flame My cup of coffee is of course always a revelation And the glasses of wine waiting on the table a wonder of earth and time Magpie caws outside

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New Poetry Video – Listen ~ A Love Note From Your Online Abbess

Listen by Christine Valters Paintner.mp4 from Abbey of the Arts on Vimeo. I wake to a rising of robin voices, their tiny chests puffed like ripe persimmons. Acres of clouds strum across the day-blue sky, wind breathes its endless score over heathered hills and the sea beyond my window churns. Somewhere a hazelnut drops rustling to the ground. Peony peels herself open in a slow yawn to reveal a multitude of pleasures. Fox darts between hedgerows, breaking her silent reverie, orange fur brushing against golden gorse profusion. Beneath sirens and the perpetual groan of cars, the march of trains and

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Sacred Balance ~ A Love Note from Your Online Abbess

Dearest monks and artists, Melinda Thomas has been offering her admin support at Abbey of the Arts for many years now. She is often the warm voice who replies to your emails and she makes sure the daily email newsletter gets formatted and scheduled. She has many more gifts, however, including being a terrific writer and an inspiring yoga teacher.  She published a book last fall which brings together principles of yogic teaching with those from Benedictine spirituality, two traditions which have shaped me in significant ways. I am really delighted that she agreed to offer an online retreat for

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Pentecost + Monk in the World podcast (Creative Joy)

“What is serious to men is often very trivial in the sight of God. What in God might appear to us as ‘play’ is perhaps what He Himself takes most seriously. At any rate the Lord plays and diverts Himself in the garden of His creation, and if we could let go of our own obsession with what we think is the meaning of it all, we might be able to hear His call and follow Him in His mysterious, cosmic dance.” —Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation Dearest monks and artists, We now have morning and evening audio podcasts

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