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Monk in the World Guest Post: Pat Leyko Connelly

I am delighted to share another beautiful submission to the Monk in the World guest post series from the community. Read on for Pat Leyko Connelly’s poem reflection, “When Winter Moves In.”

Snow falling so hard
like lace curtains falling from the sky.
“It’s beautiful” I say.
As it blesses the air it passes through and the ground it falls upon!
Those beautiful bright winter days, those are the ones I dream of…with blue sky and brilliant bright sun!
I go for walks and the cold air chills my face and fogs up my glasses!
But it is beautiful, this winter, and is refreshing to my soul and makes me feel alive! This cold wakes me up to this winter wonderland.
Yet now these days seem a bit more grey and cold and damp.
It’s too cold to go out for those glorious winter walks.

It seems as though winter has “moved in” on this February day.
I stay inside curled up and warm with my cup of tea and book by the fire… a contemplatives dream !
I peer out my window now to empty streets of white and grey …no one seems to be “taking a hike” today.

So, I’ll stay in, secluded like a good Monk in her cell, silent and enjoying the quiet, cloaked in the warmth with the hum of the furnace that now sounds like Monk companions chanting .
Counting my blessings and trusting that Seasons do come and go!

After 28 years in Parish Ministry; Music, Religious Education and Retreat Work, Pat Leyko Connelly is now retired with her husband in Weston Vermont. Her new ministry and Spiritual practice has become writing Haiku prayers with photo’s and poetry and reflections. She enjoys singing and playing guitar.

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