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Invitation to Poetry:  Flowers Appear on the Earth

(C) Mary Anne Harris
(C) Mary Anne Harris

Welcome to our Poetry Party!

invitation-poetryI select an image and suggest a theme/title and invite you to respond with your own poem.

Feel free to take your poem in any direction and then post the image and invitation on your blog (if you have one), Facebook, or Twitter, and encourage others to come join the party!  (If you repost the photo, please make sure to include the credit link and link back to this post inviting others to join us).

We began this month with a Community Lectio Divina practice with a passage from the Song of Songs on the arrival of spring.

We followed up with our Photo Party.  We continue this theme in our Poetry Party this month. What does the image above evoke for you? Express this through poetry.

You can post your poem either in the comment section below* or you can join our Holy Disorder of Dancing Monks Facebook group and post there.

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7 Responses

  1. The flowers appear
    delivered by hand
    sitting now in the vase and
    i await the day they will wilt and get tossed out

    did the flowers appear?

  2. Have you heard the sound of
    the Universe?
    The hummm, hummmm, hummmm
    Sound that rises and falls surrounding you
    going deep within.
    Finding the rhythms of your heart.
    And in the pause
    The miracle of life unfolds
    Love is born and
    Flowers bloom.

  3. Paused in time,

    reaching towards the light.

    This flower knows

    which way to turn.

    Blessed are those who dance in the light,

    they will know joy.

  4. A Snowy Day in April Valerie E. Hess ©2016

    A wretched day!

    Rain becomes snow a mile in the sky,

    Deep slush, sweaters don’t match the tulips

    Struggling to stand up under the weight.

    A wintery spring outside.

    My heart is cold and slushy,

    Out of season and sorts.

    Things have ended and not yet begun anew.

    Desires don’t match realities.

    A wintery spring inside.

    Faith believes in the sun

    In warm air and sun and flowers.

    Though the external realities of the day don’t

    match the calendar—

    Ordinal or biological—

    Spring is here.

  5. One more, and thank you for the indulgence! <3
    Golden Grateful and Glad by Charissa Grace White

    Flowers sprout
    with fierce purpose.
    Pushing, unnoticed, til thru
    dark and unconscious earth
    they poke, appear, and sing.

    Blossoms of hope,
    of song, of trailing beauty
    and fragrant comfort.
    My heart soars,
    rises like the wave rises
    and longs for Her
    as the wave’s curl
    longs to break
    onto the shore
    and be wasted there
    in adoration…
    and I too
    will break on her
    and rush over this earth
    as a tide of fragrant blossoms.
    This girl,
    your garden of Grace,
    this Grace
    Grateful and

  6. To You Some Where by Charissa Grace White

    above the lavender i float
    on scents of honey and promises of wine
    i drift on hints to come and possibility
    and lean in against the hard insistent
    currents dragging against my wings
    pulling me always to the sea
    while i strain to the mountains
    and the flowers there

    i fly to you somewhere
    i fly to you

  7. Walk On Daffodils by Charissa Grace White

    I can walk on daffodils
    barefoot, light and free from ill

    See, I have feet, light, beautiful
    feet that walk on top of things

    and yet so sturdy under me,
    feet that will not crush flowers

    yet will trod on serpent’s head
    impervious to fang and tooth

    impervious to words and hate
    feet stained carmine with grape blood

    but never wrath, never that
    cus I just walk on daffodils

    and tread the yellow golden road