May 6: Soul – Pilgrimage of Resurrection
A Creative Journey through the Easter Season

Pilgrimage of Ressurection

Word for Today: Soul

May 6 - SoulThe monastic cell is a central concept in the spirituality of the desert elders. The outer cell is really a metaphor for the inner cell, a symbol of the deep soul work we are called to in order to become fully awake. It is the place where we come into full presence with ourselves.

—Christine Valters Paintner, The Soul of a Pilgrim: Eight Practices for the Journey Within

Reflective Question: Can you enter your inner cell, close the door to distractions, and allow yourself to get in touch with all of your inner voices, emotions, and challenges without abandoning yourself in the process?

Next steps:

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One Response

  1. “soul” – “… full presence with ourselves”

    fully present
    with this one
    this self

    space for all
    feelings thoughts experiences
    wonderings ~ wanderings

    can i be
    with this self ~

    witness gardener
    tending all ~
    in love

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