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May 4: Shimmering – Pilgrimage of Resurrection
A Creative Journey through the Easter Season

Pilgrimage of Ressurection

Word for Today: Shimmering

May 4 - Shimmering[The Desert Mothers and Fathers] sought ‘hesychia’, which is the Greek word for stillness. It means more than silence or peacefulness. There is a sense in which the stillness is the deep, shimmering presence of the holy.

—Christine Valters Paintner, The Soul of a Pilgrim: Eight Practices for the Journey Within 

Reflective Question: Can you sit with the discomfort and turmoil of your inner life until a sense of equanimity and deep inner silence begins to shimmer within?

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3 Responses


    ‘Can you sit … until a sense of equanimity and deep inner silence begins to shimmer within?’

    God’s works of art.

    1. This little cross was fashioned on the Isle of Iona and is made of oak burr (burl) wood. The burrwood would have been treasured for its beauty by its maker. Even more prized by her Maker is she who sits quietly and prayerfully in the stillness of the Lady Chapel.

  2. “shimmering”

    within ~

    breathing in
    breathing out
    present with all
    within ~

    within ~

    with deep gratitude