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April 8: Yes – Pilgrimage of Resurrection
(A Creative Journey through the Easter Season)

Pilgrimage of Ressurection

Word for today: Yes

April 8 - YesThe feast of the Annunciation remembers Mary’s own pilgrim journey of saying “yes.” She walked into the unknown with only her trust in God to carry her…..What we are not told in the story is the long interior journey of the heart Mary went through before she said yes. This is where our imagination must enter the story and make it our own.

—Christine Valters Paintner, The Soul of a Pilgrim: Eight Practices for the Journey Within

Reflective Question: Can you imagine Mary pondering the possibilities and weighing the options before reaching her decision, resisting her “yes”, even while she felt compelled to surrender to the will of the Divine? Where have the annunciations in your life come from? Who were your angels who came calling?

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9 Responses

  1. combining yesterday (call) and today’s words:

    sacred invitation
    radical transformation
    eager affirmation

  2. “yes”

    this heart
    calling ~
    longing ~
    waiting so long

    even with
    (old) fears beliefs
    dropping by

    to the
    angels of this heart
    guiding ~ loving

    i honor yes
    i be yes

    with gratitude ~

  3. the lord comes to me asking my yes to his love. he does not ask me to bare his savior to the world, or build a ship for his people or lead them out of Egypt or any other great task. he asks only that i allow him to come in his own way at his own time into my flesh and soul and mind. My mind is hesitant due to its rational intellect that says it is blasphemous for you to think such a thing, that god wants to only love you without purpose or reason or expectation of return. my soul and body are hesitant due to years of rape by the masculine over my life and the scars that instinctively say no. but still my yes utters from my breath, knowing as i open my self in abandonment to god’s penetration that i am easy prey for all the boundless dimensions of the psyche where he dwells. how do i say yes to my fears of pregnancy, or fears of infection with ego mania, or fears of infidelity and possible rejection for the discovery of who i am at my deepest place where god asks to come? i can not say no for even my no’s are an eternal longing for an unconditional yes to all he is. today i will look for the angels, overshadowing cloud, and the yes of my deepest being. and follow the lead one step at a time to this destiny that is mine.

      1. thanks alizibeth. you encourage me by sharing my situation. praise god for kindred souls.