Invitation to Poetry: Give Me a Word 2013

Welcome to the Abbey’s 64th Poetry Party!

We are making a little departure this month from our usual format where I select an image for you to illuminate with your words.

This month the invitation is to write a poem inspired by your word for the year (and even though that drawing is over, you are still welcome to post your word there – and if you already shared a poem there, please share it again here to have them all gathered together).

I will suggest you make it an acrostic poem which is where each letter of your word forms the first letter of a line of your poem, but all poetic forms are most welcome here.  Consider writing a blessing for the year ahead inspired by your word.

Scroll down and add it in the comments section below to share it with the Abbey community. Feel free to take your poem in any direction and then post the invitation on your blog (if you have one), Facebook, or Twitter, and encourage others to come join the party!

On Friday, February 1st I will draw a name at random to win a space in the upcoming online Lenten retreat with St. Hildegard of Bingen.

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199 Responses

  1. Help me, Oh Gracious Lord!
    Open to your Spirit
    Unfolding. As you
    Sweep me, graciously
    Ever forward.

  2. (my word is “obedience”)

    Oh, come –
    Be with me
    Eternal One –
    Despite my erring spirit.
    Invite me further into You,
    Envelope me in Your truth.
    Never again me but You –
    Constant heart of love!
    Ever and always may it be.


    Mystery and Meditation slow me,
    Open my heart to hear the
    Spirit of Love speaking within
    And bring me to awareness,
    Inspire the gift of my
    Creativity…which springs from God.

    1. I love the movement in this…slowing, opening, hearing, speaking, bringing, inspiring, springing.

  4. My word is wayfaring:

    When the wind wakes you from winter sleep
    And the desires of your dreams lie exposed to your waking mind,
    You rise and walk barefoot through familiar rooms,
    Finding your way in the welcoming darkness of the known;
    As if drawn by the pathway of moonlight on water and the
    fragrance of the holy wafted on the wind,
    Roads beckoning just beyond the horizon of your yearning,
    Intimations of eternity inviting you to set out on another way.
    No other way is possible now, only this Way that whispers
    in the night vigils,
    Guiding you home, guarding your every step.

    1. Sally, this is deeply moving to my soul. Blessings as you set out upon the Way that is whispering your name.

  5. Occult

    OOOOO Oh tender journey so forbidden, condemned, denied
    CCCCC Can you simply take my hand? Oh, please.
    CCCCC Can you simply take my hand?
    UUUUU Un-tell-able solitary journey… unfurl my doubts and fears.
    LLLLLL Love lead me blind into an unseen, unimaginable universe
    TTTTTT To unfurl my beauty and infinity.

  6. Guidance Shaped as Mist

    Hungry ghosts are rising
    along the ridge, undulating
    to the soft song of the source.

    And I, I am ease-dropping,
    longing to learn the ancient melodies
    and dance a duet, heartbeat to heartcore,
    nuances in language and time evaporating.

    Can you, too, hear the call?
    Every moment,
    awaits our arrival.


    Eyes ahead, intent, purposeful,
    Ears alert to the silent word,
    Heart and soul unite in the quest,
    Holy Spirit guide, protector,
    Step out for
    Life awaits!

  8. My word is: Incarnation

    It came to pass…
    Now comes to pass,
    Courage to embody God!
    Always stirring…
    Re-membered Word…
    New life transforms my being!
    A young girl prayed,
    The Spirit breathed.
    I, too, am full of promise…
    Otherness bends down to touch,
    Now God embodies me!

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