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Invitation to Photography: Give Me a Word 2013

Welcome to the Abbey Photo Party!

I select a theme and invite you to respond with images.

We are taking a break this January from our monthly Monk Manifesto themes to invite you into some creative exploration with the words which have chosen you for this year. (Make sure to share yours here if you haven’t already and enter to win one of several wonderful prizes).

In the free 12-day online mini-retreat I offer to newsletter subscribers (click here to subscribe) I invite you to go on a photo pilgrimage holding your word for 2013 in your hearts and noticing what images are shimmering in the world around you.

You can share images you already have which illustrate your word, but I encourage you also to go for a walk with the theme in mind and see what you discover.

You are also welcome to post other art you created inspired by your word for the year – collages are powerful as are paintings and drawings.  See what stirs your imagination!

How to participate:

1. Go to the Flickr Group I have created. You need a free Flickr account first.  When you go to the link it will ask you to join the group first before posting.  Share as many as five of your images in response to the theme.  When you post your photo please include your word as the title or in the comments section below!

2. Leave a comment below to let us know you have joined the party and what your Flickr profile name is.

3. Please post the invitation on your blog or Facebook page and encourage others to come join the party!

If you haven’t yet, share your word over at this post for a chance to win some wonderful prizes and join in with the Abbey community.

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26 Responses

  1. I am prayer bedes on Flickr.

    My word for 2013 is ~Beauty~

    I am not sure if you are asking for the word we chose, or if we are supposed to label the photos we post with the word/theme you give us.

    Also, I am a little confused about how we will we know what the theme is.

    Sorry to be so confused! =)

    1. Sorry for the confusion Christine – what I meant was that this month’s theme was your word for the year. So each person will have their own theme. :-) And yes if you can label the images with your word that would be great!

  2. I am joining the party under the Flicker name of Debbie Peace. My word/ phrase is “open hands.” I am excited to see what direction this will take me this year.

  3. My flickr name is patriciajane1965

    My word/phrase is “look and see”

    I enjoy taking photos, especially of nature, animals, etc.

  4. I posted 4 pictures that I had taken in September but didn’t know why because they didn’t really appeal to me, I just felt lead to take them. Now, they speak volumes to me.

  5. my flickr name is marybenton.findhope

    my word is “obedience”.

    i uploaded two versions of the same drawing, to demonstrate the importance of being open to new ways of seeing things (including this word).

    i love taking photos – but nature, unlike humans, does not need to be obedient as it has no choice but to follow the Way set up for it. we humans do choose and so the drawing…