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Visual Meditation: The Stillness of Christmas Eve in a Foggy, Ice-Glazed Forest









IMG_6696 - Copy10

IMG_6698 - Copy04

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9 Responses

  1. Inviting. I found myself leaning into the 3rd photo most for some reason I cannot pinpoint. The hint of color, the snow laden branches below, the curvature of the terrain, the mystery of the fog all combine to invite me to move closer and seek what I cannot see. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Spectacular! sending the best kind of chills through my body as I am taken back to my childhood winter wonderland in the woods on Lake Michigan.
    my favorite picture is the 8th one down of the bending trunks,
    Yielding to Our creators Will.

    May I be as supple and allow God to form me in whatever way He sees me.

  3. Magical and mystical… the secret beauty of God is hidden everywhere if we could but just be silent and aware enough to see it.

  4. During a time of difficult discernment a number of years ago, I would snow shoe to a wooded. Leading and sit amidst trees like these and listen to what their crone-like wisdom offered me. What a wonderful reminder of the love-suffused world we inhabit, even in times when the future is not clear or when the sun is in hiding.

  5. Your photos were filled with such mystery and beauty. I got a surprise as I was expecting green.

    I’m in the Southern Hemisphere, in Australia, and today was 34 degC

    Where I live is beautiful too but so open and naked.