Sacred Arts Ring

Time for another lap around the Sacred Arts Ring to see what new treasures are scattered there.  Read on for a few selections. 

First, welcome to the newest member — Tom Delmore at Crow’s Perch. Tom is a poet and fellow Seattleite. 

Carrot Top Studio shares some Lenten book recommendations.  Tandaina at Snow on Roses shares a moving Lenten poem.   Sally at Eternal Echoes reflects on reclaiming Mary as the feminine face of God.

Jacq’s Fibers shares some funky fiber postcards.  Kate at Thru My Lens Lightly offers some lovely images from her travels.  Kazi Dolezal at Circle the Divine writes about shifting her gaze to gain new perspective.  Bette at Surimono Garden has a video of her drumming group (makes me want to join one!).  At Britt-Arnhild’s House in the Woods she has a beautiful series of images posted to accompany the scripture passage “To everything there is a season.”  And Rich shares this very honest poem.

Well that is enough to keep you busy for a while. :-)

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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