Autumn Spirituality & Some Fun

My friend Rachelle at Magpie Girl has another zine available, this time in celebration of autumn.  Since we’re in a writing group together I got to preview the contents — her beautiful essays about celebrating different sacred autumnal feasts and festivals such as Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Ramadan, and an act of remembrance for 9/11, absolutely scrumptious fall recipes, and oh yes, a poem and photo by me (thanks for including me in your beautiful project Rachelle).  Go to her Etsy store to order yourself a copy, it is a limited run so hurry on over for a dose of autumn splendor. 


Eileen Miller at You May Say I’m a Dreamer awarded me a spot on her list of Break Out Bloggers.  (Thanks Eileen. By the way she is having a sale on her lovely artwork here.)  I’m now supposed to list five people and it’s always so hard to choose for these things.  Well here goes six. . .

Rachelle at Magpie Girl — She offers sassy and thoughtful reflections on the artist’s life, oh and she’s just as sassy and thoughtful in real life.

Kayce at Diamonds in the Sky With Lucy — Playful and deep, one of my favorite combinations, Kayce writes from her heart and offers lots of meaningful words for reflection

Tess at Anchors and Masts — More thoughtful reflections about spirituality from Tess, and her Sunday Collections always draw from such an interesting range of blogs

Rich at Pilgrim Path — Rich and I met three years ago at the Glen conference where we took a nonfiction writing workshop together and I am grateful for that connection.  He has a true poet’s heart and a monastic spirit.

Bette at Surimono Garden — her Haiku and beautiful prints from her wood carvings always make me swoon.

A at Northwoods Contemplative — A is in the midst of a very full season in his life, so is not blogging a lot, but always shares gems from monastic spirituality and when he has time, his own reflections are deep and meaty.

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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