Home Again

My husband and I returned home last night after three amazing weeks in Ireland.  We went to Dublin, Waterford, Kenmare, Dingle, Galway, and Westport and drove through much of the countryside.  We saw ancient stone circles and tombs, remains of monasteries, wondrous illuminated manuscripts, field after field filled with woolly sheep and majestic trees, we perched at the edge of the Atlantic ocean, we walked and walked, and we listened to music that makes your pulse quicken.  It is hard to know where to begin exactly, but I imagine it will unfold in my reflections in the coming weeks.  We experienced so very much and it will take time to unpack its impact on me.  Ireland is a border place filled with wildness and beauty. I absolutely loved it. 

I also have nearly 3500 photos to download and organize as well! 

Time away is a very good thing but it is also good to be home again.

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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