As I get older, I am slowly learning to take myself and my work less seriously. It is the fruit of embracing humility–that monastic virtue whose root is humus, meaning “of the earth.”

At the same time, the more I let go of plans that don’t feed me, and the more I allow myself to go out to bloom, the more I experience a deep sense of peace within myself.  I am becoming the peace I want to see bloom in the world.

In a world of busyness and productivity, we need a lot more uselessness, more being, more poets, artists, and monks who remind us of the beauty we already are if we simply slow down long enough to breathe it in. I say this a lot on this blog in different ways, perhaps because I need to keep hearing it.

What is the note you need to write and leave on the door?  What is waiting to bloom within you given the time to wander the fields?

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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