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Allium Fireworks

Allium is one of my new favorite flowers (after peonies, of course).  For some reason I had never seen or noticed them before.  They look to me like purple dandelion seed pods or a tiny fireworks display.

Blessings upon your weekend.  May you discover new beauty you never noticed before!

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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3 Responses

  1. Karla, thank you for sharing from your Immersion experience and for giving an update about Trish. I pray those blessings unfold a thousand ways for you.

    Gannet, hopefully you will see the allium bloom soon! Blessings!

  2. We have had allium for years and years because one of our sons fell in love with them as a little guy. In the photos of the earliest years, he is shorter than the allium — but that’s a long time ago.

    Ours aren’t even close to out yet. Maybe the PNW weather we’re having this week-end will do the trick.

  3. This is a plant I’m not familiar with, but I definitely be on the lookout for it! Purple is absolutely my favorite color, so these two pics have left me smitten and wanting more! We’re going to the greenhouse tomorrow…I’ll ask about it, if I don’t see it!

    I found the most beautiful DEEP red begonias and celosia in a hanging basket today, at Walmart. It’s now hanging over my yet-to-bloom balloon flowers. Once they blossom, what a glorious mix!

    Trish is doing well. I expressed to that several have commented on her lack of blogging. She feels that when she blogs she feels an obligation to “keep it up,” so to speak, and just doesn’t have the time and energy at this point to be intentionally regular.

    Immersion was WONDERFUL! I am so blessed to have been led to the experience. The circle of ladies and one gentlemen (we’ve referred to him as the lone rose amongst many thorns…LOL!) is truly inspiring. Great blessings have and will come from this time for me! –Karla