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I am doing a little housekeeping and unpacking of more boxes here at the Abbey:

  • I have updated my Resource List to include blog friends (scroll to the bottom of the page).  One of the reasons I have never done this before is I am afraid of forgetting someone, so if I have done so, please do not take offense.  Just send me a gentle email or leave a comment.  I love the diversity of people I have gotten to know in the Blogosphere and value the variety of ideas I have encountered. 
  • I have added a number of spirituality and arts resources to my Recommended Reading List.  Clicking on the links and purchasing through Amazon helps to provide a little support to the Abbey. 
  • At the end of next week my old blog will be deleted, so please update your links to this site.  Thanks to all who have done so already.  All of the old blog content was transferred here, so you still have access to all of the archives.
  • Please consider joining the Sacred Arts web ring, (for blogs actively exploring the connection between spirituality and the creative arts) it is slowly growing and I am trying to follow up with folks to help them get their codes working properly.  The irony is that for some reason Ringsurf isn’t recognizing this site, so the “next” buttons on the link aren’t working. I hope to fix that soon.
  • In the last month I have received a few requests from folks who are interested in our Awakening the Creative Spirit program for spiritual directors but live at a distance and so want to know if Betsey and I have ever considered offering it in a weeklong intensive format.  Well, we are now in the process of  seriously considering the possibility for next year, so if you are interested please email me!  We have also had chaplains, counselors, and others working in one-to-one ministry participate to learn more about integrating the arts into spirituality contexts.
  • I have been receiving some lovely emails from readers who don’t like to use the public comments feature.  If you’ve been reading for a little while, please drop me a note to say hello if you never have before (or even if you have!) :-) .  I guarantee it will brighten my day!

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks Kayce, I’ll take some credit for giving the spark, but give you all the credit for allowing it to unfold so freely!

    You’re welcome Jo! I love the idea behind your blog and I wanted this to be a way to say thank you to all of the folks who have linked to me over the last few months.

    Cathleen, It was fun gathering together the resources, low-key kind of work. Feel free to ask for help with the web ring, I am more familiar with how WordPress works than the other blogs.

    Blessings and peace, Christine

  2. What a rich listing of resources you have gathered together ~ a wonderful list to spend an afternoon with! And I too feel honored to be included in your list. My next “techy” task is to join your Web Ring… I may be emailing for advice! Again, thank you for your ministry here which is also there and there and over here… Blessings, Cathleen

  3. Am thrilled to be included in your list of blog friends – I check in most days to see what you have to say! You are opening up a world of creativity to me, thank you so much!

    Have a great day,

    Jo x

  4. christine–
    i love this new resource page and feel VERY honored and privileged to be listed among your blog friends! you can take some/much credit for my “awakened creatitivity”! thank you for your wonderful inspiration. i continue to love the synchronicity of the blogosphere which I see as evidence of the amazing calling of God!