Things I Love (Part 2) and True Confessions of a Cover Girl

What fun that so many of you jumped in on the “Things I Love” meme, I had as much fun reading yours as I did writing mine!  Here are those who participated (click on their names to go read a celebration of gratitude!):

A for Kayce at Diamonds in the Sky with Lucy

B for Antony at Coming to the Quiet

C for Krina at Queen Heroical

E for Chartreuse Ova

F for Lisa at Groggy Froggy

H for Bette at B’Oki Journal

I for Rachel at Swandive

M for Me at Those Northern Skies

N for Trish at Story Midwife  (coming)

P for Rich at Pilgrim Path

R for Cathleen at the Red Barn

T for me (Christine) at Sacred Art of Living (or just scroll down about three posts)

W for Wendy at The Bluebird of Happiness Comes to Tea  (coming)

Continuing on the theme of Christmas time fun, I just found the photo below in a file of things I was looking through and thought I would share it, from my very limited “covergirl” days around age 4 or 5.  I lived in an apartment building in New York City growing up and one of our neighbors was Erika Stone, a professional photographer, so she often took photos of me as a child and occasionally sold them for advertising, or as below, a Christmas edition of the Sesame Street Parent’s Guide.  I think I am wearing my dirndl, the Austrian national costume.  Seeing the photo reminds me of those angel chimes I am mesmerized by.  I used to love them, you light the candles and the heat rising sends the angels turning around in a circle chiming the bells.  I think I need to find myself another set of those!  Anyone know where I can order some?  :-)

-Christine Valters Paintner

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