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Things I Love (Part 2) and True Confessions of a Cover Girl

What fun that so many of you jumped in on the “Things I Love” meme, I had as much fun reading yours as I did writing mine!  Here are those who participated (click on their names to go read a celebration of gratitude!):

A for Kayce at Diamonds in the Sky with Lucy

B for Antony at Coming to the Quiet

C for Krina at Queen Heroical

E for Chartreuse Ova

F for Lisa at Groggy Froggy

H for Bette at B’Oki Journal

I for Rachel at Swandive

M for Me at Those Northern Skies

N for Trish at Story Midwife  (coming)

P for Rich at Pilgrim Path

R for Cathleen at the Red Barn

T for me (Christine) at Sacred Art of Living (or just scroll down about three posts)

W for Wendy at The Bluebird of Happiness Comes to Tea  (coming)

Continuing on the theme of Christmas time fun, I just found the photo below in a file of things I was looking through and thought I would share it, from my very limited “covergirl” days around age 4 or 5.  I lived in an apartment building in New York City growing up and one of our neighbors was Erika Stone, a professional photographer, so she often took photos of me as a child and occasionally sold them for advertising, or as below, a Christmas edition of the Sesame Street Parent’s Guide.  I think I am wearing my dirndl, the Austrian national costume.  Seeing the photo reminds me of those angel chimes I am mesmerized by.  I used to love them, you light the candles and the heat rising sends the angels turning around in a circle chiming the bells.  I think I need to find myself another set of those!  Anyone know where I can order some?  :-)

-Christine Valters Paintner

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10 Responses

  1. Hi Wendy, I have been missing New York too a bit this year, I don’t usually, but I am feeling nostalgic for my hometown. Thank you for suggesting who might help me with my chime search. Sure, join in the meme fun! I give you the letter W for Waterbirde. :-)

    Thanks Antony, I was pretty cute, wasn’t I? Funny thing was, being an only child, my parents took tons and tons of photos of me too. Hardly any of them have my parents in them. It’s just me at Christmas, me in front of the Eiffel Tower, me at the top of the mountain, etc.

    Great Lisa, I added you in. I didn’t mean to leave you off of the original list above, not sure if WordPress ate that part or what happened, but you are there now. :-) As a child we went to Austria most summers and I would get a new dirndl each year. It was always fun to pick out the colors.

  2. Ohhh too cute. I am working on my “things I love” and will let you know when I’ve finished it. :)

    I had a friend that had a dirndl but I didn’t know that was the name of it AND I always wondered what a dirndl was. lol I learned two things in one today.

  3. Hi Christine, I’m still behind on both writing and reading blogs. Just saw your meme, sounds fun to play if its not too late. And I just love your picture, its adorable! For those angel chimes I’d ask Suzanne at, she does a lot of importing and should know.

    Funny you mentioned New York. Earlier tonight I was wistful for/looking up Christmas scenes online from New York Christmas displays. I lived in New York for a time as well, and around the holidays especially I do really miss it. I think i need to watch one of my favorite movies soon (it’s also New York based), the 40’s Christmas movie The Bishop’s Wife.

    I’m so much looking forward to the books! I hope your wonderful giving this year blesses you right back!

    Advent Blessings (7 days and counting!) : ) Wendy