Making Space: Book Giveaway (Part 1)

I have been in a process of cleaning things out, making room for something new.  I have several books that I have either read or probably won’t get a chance to read and I thought some of my readers might be interested in.  All you have to do is read over the list, select one or two titles that interest you, then leave a comment with your request.  I will email you for your mailing address and send it to you by media mail.  Read through the comments before requesting a title to make sure it wasn’t claimed already.  I will try and go in and cross off the ones requested as they go.

I would rather these books end up in homes where people want them, plus its fun to send real mail.  I promise I am not selling your mailing addresses to some database somewhere!

So what’s the catch?  Just a desire to spread a little bit of generosity in a season that can too often make people feel crazy. 

If you aren’t sure about a title, feel free to look up the description at  It would take me too long to provide links for all of them.

The Practice of Poetry edited by Robin Behn and Chase Twichell

Sabbaths by Wendell Berry

A Meeting of Mystic Paths: Christianity and Yoga by Justin O’Brien

Plain and Simple by Sue Bender

Burning Bright: Anthology of Sacred Poetry edited by Patricia Hampl

Vespers: Contemporary American Poems of Religion and Spirituality edited by Suarez and Can Cleave

Odd Angles of Heaven: Contemporary Poetry by People of Faith edited by Craig and McCann

Heaven in Stone and Glass: Experiencing the Spirituality of Great Cathedrals by Robert Barron

Centering: In Pottery, Poetry, and the Person by M.C. Richards

What Really Matters to Me: A Guided Journal by Robyn Conley-Weaver

The Book of Self-Acquaintance: A Guided Journal by Margaret Tiberio

The Art of Soul: Meditations for the Creative Spirit by Joy Sawyer

Life Prayers from Around the World by Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon

The Art of Ritual by Beck and Metrick

The Art and Craft of Paper-Making by Sophie Dawson

Tabletop Fountains: 40 Easy Projects to Make by Dawn Cusick

Your Life As Story by Tristine Rainer

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott

Making a Literary Life by Carolyn See

If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland

The War of Art: Breaking Through the Blocks to Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield

There will be some more listings in a few days as I weed through piles.

Blessings, Christine Valters Paintner

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