The word inspiration comes from the Latin root spiritus which means Spirit or breath.  To be inspired is to be filled with the spirit or to be breathed into.  This is what happened when Mary received the Spirit of God into her womb.  The Spirit continues to move and breathe into each one of us, each moment of each day.  Are you willing to receive?  Have you made a welcoming space for the Spirit to move within you? 

In my blog journeying today I discovered some poetic and visual inspiration:

Cathleen at Back Road Journey writes about Dreams of Darkness, an invitation to “sing from deep within.”

Bette at B’Oki shares a beautiful image of her pond with one of her short form poems.  Bette also inspires me with her beautiful wood-block carvings and I am finally breaking out the soft carving materials she inspired me to buy.

Rich at Pilgrim Path told me I inspired him to write this beautiful poem called June 22nd.

Kayce Hughlett is one of our Awakening the Creative Spirit participants and shares her wonderful poems and images at Diamonds in the Sky With Lucy, at least a couple of which were inspired by exercises in our program.  What is your inner poet like?

Me at Those Northern Skies has gorgeous black and white photos, I adore the ones she just posted of milkweeds, and has inspired me to experiment with black and white as well, one of which is below.

And Wendy at Bluebird of Happiness is inspiring me to do a little gift-giving of my own.  Stay tuned for more about that. . .

The beauty of a creative community, even a virtual one, is that there is always lots of food for inspiration.  In sharing our creative gifts, we offer sustenance to each other.  We become signs of hope through the power of the Spirit working through our own unfolding.  A veritable feast today, thank you for all of your gifts shared so freely.

Photo taken in Volunteer Park in Seattle

What is inspiring you these dark days as winter slowly descends?

-Christine Valters Paintner

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